Which Choice is Best for Your Shipping: Crates or Pallets?

There are several packing options for shipping the products, but not every option is suitable. To make a great choice that suit your shipping needs, first you should analyze, what’s the type of product you have to ship? (Location) Where does such product need to shipped? Is the level of security good? And will it come within a budget?

That’s why wooden crates and pallets have become popular among the people today.

These custom crates and pallets are economical, durable and easy to use. Not only this, they also come with several pros. In this article, learn about both the wooden crates and pallets, and which of the two is suitable for storing or shipping your goods.

Wooden Crates

Depending on their intended purpose, a wooden crate varies in size and comes with many pros. It offers flexibility even in small quantities.

Frame Crates: The frame crates of wooden crates are designed for shipping heavy objects.

Open Crates: This provides ventilation to keep all the foods fresh always.

Closed Crates: It gives extra security to your items Will shipping.

Over one-third of the people in the US have been using wooden crates to store the items for an extended period of time and for packaging fragile.

Also, the custom shipping crates are more secure than any other option, that’s the reason why they are used very well for international shipping and to store valuables.

Wooden Pallets

Your shipping items are bulk? The wooden pallet is the right choice. This is because; they are resistant and sturdy to make all the ideals shipping abroad. Since wooden pallets can be completely customized, it supports a lot of weight and carries a full range of materials. Also, comparing to other shipping option, wooden pallets are less likely to cause spills and ensure full safety.

Additional Features of Wooden Pallets

  • Wooden pallets can be moved quickly by one person, and it minimizes the exposure to injuries.
  • They are lighter weight than all other options, and by choosing it, you can save the shipping cost.
  • The Wooden pallets are made from wood scraps, and that can reuse for many times.
  • The Wooden pallets are made to comply with the environmental standards.


Both wooden crates and pallets have same advantageous when it comes to packaging for transporting your products compared to others. Since the materials of both pallets and crates are made of wood, certain regulations and standards will be respected. So choose anything among them based on your needs. But, to get the ISPM certified shipping crates or pallets, visit http://www.denverreelandpallet.com