Egypt has amazing real estate properties on the market especially in Port Ghalib which is one of the deluxe luxury resort communities you will find to be quite suited to your liking in Egypt. Port Ghalib boasts of world-class facilities and properties with help from some of the world’s most renowned architects.

One of the high-quality real estate properties for sale in Port Ghalib, Egypt is Tower Village. If you are looking to invest in property that exudes luxury but is available on a limited budget, then Tower Village is the place for you. The plot is enveloped in luscious greenery that makes the village a relaxing place for you. The houses have been built with space sin between that act as gathering areas for people living in the area to be able to socialize with each other during free time and the weekends so you can be sure you will get a strong sense of community in Tower Village.

The Tower village is infused with themes of the Arabian Desert in the interior décor which represents the Port Ghalib cultural nature. The property is next to Wadi Ghalib village so you can be sure you will experience the view of the natural environment such as water bodies and lush greenery giving you an immense feel of nature.

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Available housing units

There are apartments of all sizes featured on the Tower Village real estate property on the market. You can choose from one to three bedroomed apartments and studios depending on your preference or intended use of the property. The studios are compact in size but designed to give you the experience of all the luxury Port Ghalib has to offer for a limited budget. The apartments have one or two bedrooms for you to choose from depending on your space needs and they all have spectacular views of the greenery surrounding the area. These apartments are designed to suit everyone’s desires so you can be sure that once you invest in one it is going to feel like your own personal space that you can do with as you please.

Family apartments

If you are planning on investing in real estate in Tower Village for family purposes or if you are looking for a living space that can occupy a large group of roommates, the family apartments would be your best bet. They are large and spacious so everyone can feel like they have their own space in the house and not cramped up. You can also take advantage of the large family apartments for office space purposes. Who knows? Acquiring this piece of Egypt real estate for sale could be the beginning of you establishing a new branch of your business in another country!