Benefits of choosing modern aluminum blinds

When you think of aluminum blinds, the first images that come to mind may be flimsy thin mini blinds. Or maybe you’re thinking of outdated window treatment from decades ago. This certainly does not apply to modern aluminum blinds. Contemporary metal blinds offer a sleek, polished accent worthy of both adding flair and value to your home. Even interior designers love mixed media, such as combinations of wood and metal, because they create a sense of depth and visual interest. At Aluminum Blinds, we love helping you discover amazing window treatments that not only get the job done but also look stylish, which is why we’re taking the time to walk you through the many benefits of aluminum blinds.

Will aluminum blinds look good on large windows?

Aluminum blinds are suitable for both small and large windows. They work well on large windows because they are easy to lift and operate at any size, while some window treatments are difficult at larger sizes. They work well for small windows as the slats are relatively small at 1″ wide.

If your aluminum blinds are in a high-traffic area, or if you plan to use them frequently, consider upgrading to one of our soft-look aluminum blinds. These are available in 6 or 8-gauge material, which is much more resistant to common scratches and dents over time than standard aluminum blinds.


Did you know that aluminum blinds are naturally one of the most energy-efficient styles of blinds? With their naturally reflective style, aluminum blinds offer near-blackout quality light control without the bulk of blackout curtains. Modern Precious Metals aluminum blinds feature a unique de-Light™ design that eliminates cable openings that would otherwise allow unnecessary light into your space, doubling as a way to ensure low glare and protection from excessive sunlight.   Aluminum blinds help reduce the load on your central heating and cooling and help you maintain a constant indoor temperature.

Our aluminum blinds boast up to twice the transparency compared to typical blinds. Enjoy full and bright natural light without having to fully close the blinds. Modern Precious Metals will keep your room from feeling closed or small like some blinds.


Choose from a range of colors and finishes, from pearl to matte to metallic. The Modern Precious Metals® collection features beautiful colors such as stone, brushed nickel, and antique copper. You can also customize the size of the slats. Aluminum blinds are far from limited in the ways to individualize them between rooms. It’s easy to create a unique look with the same style of aluminum blinds in every room.


Modern precious metal aluminum blinds offer several elegant control styles, including manual and motorized solutions. Gently guide aluminum blinds into place with Light Rise, which features wireless control that is safe for households with pets and children. Modern Precious Metals® also boasts wireless control using Power View Automation from Hunter Douglas.

Transform your aluminum blinds into smart technology that fits seamlessly into your existing smart home ecosystem. Control your motorized blinds from anywhere in your home with the convenient Power View Smartphone app. Quickly set the mood with customizable scenes that remember your favorite lighting positions every time, so you don’t have to. You can even set your blinds to an automatic schedule that works in sync with your local sunrise and sunset times for truly adaptive lighting.