A new study of crime reveals that there is a crime rate of 472 incidents against each 100,000 residents every summer. This includes around 10,222 robberies, 134,419 property crimes, 98,686 larcenies/thefts, 11,732 motor vehicle thefts, and last – but not least – 24,001 burglaries. Yes, these are some serious and sobering number.

Summer – The Season for Burglaries

According to FBI, crime rates increase about 10% in June through August. The reason could be due to the laxness of citizens in home security as they are desperate to get on vacation. The increase in the crime rates during summer is often related to with large gatherings of people in warmer months.

So, our locksmith in St. Louis takes these statistics seriously to prioritize the installation of multiple layers of both active and passive security to protect your homes, businesses and properties. Here are a few tips from the leading locksmith in St. Louis Mo to ensure that your property is protected.

Locked Windows and Doors

Did you know 30% of all home break-ins in the U.S are through an open door or window? Often, people forget to check that every door and window in their home is locked before they head out on their trip. This action may attract burglars to get into your home and take all the valuables. So, take advantage of energy management or automation technology to remotely control and monitor doors and be notified in real-time if locked doors are unlocked.

Set the Security Alarm

When people are in a rush of excitement to get out the door to start your vacation, they often overlook setting the security alarm. According to the FBI reports, without monitored alarm systems, you are three times more likely to experience a break-in as your neighbor with a system. So, before leaving your home for vacation make sure you are protected and reduce the risk by setting the alarm system.

Get Help from Neighbors

Inform your neighbor about your travel plans when gearing up for a vacation and ask them to keep an eye on your property. Ask your neighbor to park in your driveway while you’re away as this will give the appearance that someone is home and will help deter any thieves. Having a neighbor to pick up your mail or turning off your mail service is another great way to deter thieves.

Outdoor Lighting

Install motion sensors and timer lights outdoors as good exterior lighting can warn burglars and encourage them to move on.

Don’t Leave the Spare Key Outside

St. Louis locksmith advices not to leave the spare key outside, when you are gearing up for a vacation because burglars will probably look for your spare key first so they can get in without having to break anything and attract attention.

In addition to these, consider investing in a home security system to stop a burglar in his or her tracks, protecting your home and family.