Long Distance Moving Tips

Long distance moving is basically the most difficult type of moving you can endure. In comparison to other types of moves one can face, long distance moving has the toughest logistics involved. This is precisely why we have prepared a list of long distance moving tips for you in order to try to make this a seamless transition. However, regardless of how well prepared you are, this transition will never be easy. It can become somewhat stress-free, but never easy. Especially if you are considering to do a long distance move to a new continent. These can prove to be especially impossibly difficult. But not impossible entirely. 

Throughout this article, we will try to give you insight into some things people normally don’t look at. This is not your fault. Most people do not have that much moving experience, and it is because of that that these articles exist. So don’t stress over things you don’t know. You will learn. And hopefully, we will help!

Long Distance Moving Tips

So, today we will be sharing some long distance moving tips. But before any tip we can offer, there is one that takes absolute precedence over every other one. This one is an absolute game changer and the variable that determines whether your move will be successful or not. So, what is this glorious tip?

Hire a moving company

It is as simple as that. We do not underestimate your potential to do a ‘do it yourself’ move; we just hope that you do not underestimate the move itself. If you are planning a move to a different continent, or if you are planning a move to a different part of the country, a moving company should be your go-to option. Movers are trained professionals, with extensive experience, that are there to make sure your move goes smoothly. Now, this is, of course, the costlier option, but it is money well spent. The number of things you need to worry about outweighs the money you would otherwise invest in a moving company.

And on the other hand, what if something goes wrong? In spite the self-confidence you might have, chances are that something will go wrong when you do everything on your own. And once it does, how much will it cost? Usually, when something like this goes wrong you are bound to lose a lot of money. Be it that something valuable gets damaged, or gets lost, or worse. At this point, it becomes even pricier than just hiring a moving company and entrusting everything to them. There is still a chance something can go wrong. Your movers are still just humans. But it will far less likely happen to them than it would to you.

So, in summation, hire professional help. It will make a world of difference. You might be able to slide through a short distance move on your own. A long distance one though? We would not recommend. 

Do your packing carefully

Packing for a long distance move is like no other. There are numerous things you have to worry about, and you need impeccable organization. I mean, in comparison to the move itself, this is the segment where almost nothing can go very wrong. Usually, if you fail to do this right, the effect will cause inconvenience. But nothing that should trouble you that much. It’s just a matter of logistics and prioritization.

As far as most of your belongings go, one of our long distance moving tips is to prioritize your belongings. The things you need the least are packed first and placed in the truck first. Hence, once you arrive, these same things will be unpacked last and you will have access to the stuff you need the most. Be careful when the truck is being loaded; make sure that soft items are close to the breakable ones in order to cushion the potential damage. 


The one thing you need to be super careful about when packing and the one thing that can really go wrong and cause an actual problem is the packing of medication. This is basically the only thing that can go wrong whilst packing. If you fail to pack your medication properly – two things can happen. One, the medication can go bad. If not packed right it can either get exposed to too much heat, cold or moisture. None of these elements will do your meds any good.

So, make sure you either bring them all on your person, in a smaller bag, just to be safe. Or get some items that are specialized for medical transportation. The second thing that can go wrong is the fact that you might lose your meds. This just means some extra hassle with the new doctor in order to get them all back in check. 

Organize yourself, family and pets

The last on the list of long distance moving tips that we have to offer is the organization of family and pets. Remember, this is a stressful process for all of them, especially young children and animals. You need to prepare them accordingly for the move in order to cause as least stress as possible. With children you can mostly talk, ahead of time, informing them of what is about to happen. As far as animals go, talking is not really an option. But what you can do is try to be as close to your pet as possible, comforting them as often as possible. And remember, packing a full bag of their favorite treats is always a plus!

For everything else, let moving experts take care of it. Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers are at your disposal, with a crew of experienced and highly trained people. It is much better to prevent problems than to look for a solution when one appears. This is why hiring a moving company is the best thing you can do!