Maintaining Your Acrylic Prints Right: The Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

Wondering how to look after the acrylic prints at your place? The first question that intrigues you might be that why would one have to look after such a durable product? The acrylic prints are famous because of their high durability and conveniently low maintenance. However, if you want your photographs to stay in a prime condition all the time then a little maintenance is requisite.

So here are the Dos and Don’ts to go by:

1) To clean up any dust or dirt on the print, use a dry sable brush to get it done. Take care not to scratch the acrylic in any form while removing the dust accumulated over the surface. If you notice that there are chips or scratches present in the print then try not cleaning it at all. Take help of a professional to have it restored.

2) The best method to get it cleaned however is to use canned air as by using a compressed spray helps you stay away from the surface. So, you don’t make any contact with the surface and that’s actually how cleaning acrylic print works.

3) If you’re quite not sure about how to get the cleaning done right then use some professional help for the same.

4) Hard objects and rigid stuff should be kept far away from the frames as they are bound to create dents on the piece. The indentation and damage caused are of a permanent nature and hence it is suggested that while transporting or shifting around your prints make sure that it is well protected from any harm that may come its way.

5) Please avoid using detergents or your regular solvents for cleaning up your acrylic prints. Those are harsh cleaning agents which are definitely not meant for your acrylic prints and hence please stop yourself from experimenting the same.

6) Acrylic is sensitive to liquids and hence using water is not going to help.

7) Using any type of liquid to clean the print actually causes the dirt and grime to move inside the acrylic and permanently settle into the picture. Hence, prohibition is the key.

As durable as the custom big acrylic prints are, it still is in your hands to take proper care of them. Just a little bit of maintenance from your side will save you the time and the money to get things done.