Various Safety Features To Consider While Buying A Chainsaw

The most important step for safe operation of chainsaw is to choose one, which fits your requirements and is balanced, quiet and equipped with following safety features. You may however note that it is essential to remember that all these safety features may not replace your proper training, common sense and safe operating practices.

While shopping for a best chainsaw chain, look for following modern safety features:

  1. Front hand guard of its top handle is designed for stopping, slip of hand to prevent contact with chain.
  2. For gasoline only the chain brake is meant to stop the moving chain. If kickback ever occurs, the chances of getting severe injured reduces.
  3. Throttle trigger interlock will prevent the accidental throttle opening. The throttle trigger will be locked in its idling position when lockout is not at all engaged by handle’s proper hand grip.
  4. Stop switch must be located to activate easily by the right thumb without really losing the grip on rear handle of saw.
  5. Rear hand guard available on rear handle of chainsaw is meant to protect your hand from jumping or broken chain.
  6. Chain catcher is meant for catching a jumping or broken chain.
  7. Adjustable oil pump for adjusting oil to chain based on its blade length or type of wood is cut.
  8. Vibration dampener can help in reducing the exposure of operator to vibration.
  9. Muffler is meant for decreasing noise level and also direct hot exhaust gas away from operator.
  10. Spark arrester will keep sparks from getting ejected by exhaust.
  11. Bumper spike is meant for resting chain saw on the wood as you may cut to prevent kickback.
  12. Anti-kickback chain will reduce forces on chain that can cause kickback.
  13. Tip guard at end of chainsaw bar can help to prevent kickback.