How To Fix A Bathroom Sink That Won’t Drain

This can be a nuisance and should bother you whenever a device isn’t working as it should. So if you’re using your sink and more often than not you find the water is still two inches high and it doesn’t look like it’s going to drain in the next few minutes, then you have a blockage; it’s time to remove it. We’ll offer you some valuable solutions and also reliable service to help fix your bathroom sink drain and a handful of them, so feel accessible to some, if not all of them, and see if any of them will do the trick.

Solution 1:   Check The Plunger 

A common problem that happens is an accumulation of foreign objects in the collector’s plunger. This is not surprising; we use our bathroom sink to shave and brush our teeth. These actions led to an accumulation of hair and dirt in the sink drain. Then, lift the sink plunger and see if there is hair or dirt on the plunger. The next step is to clear the plunger of all foreign objects and run the water. If cleaning the piston does not solve the drainage problem, proceed to the next two solutions.

Solution 2:  Use A Drain Cleaner

Natural – Start with boiling a kettle of water. Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Pour the boiled water down the drain after leaving the baking soda set. Let the solution sit for ten minutes before using the sink again. This process will work to clear any buildup that is in the bathroom sink drain. Chemical   – If you are using a chemical drain cleaner, check the specific instructions on anyone you buy.

Solution 3:   Immerse Yourself In The Bathroom Sink

Remove the plunger from the sink and let the water run into the pools of water; leave an inch or two of water to allow the plunger to use some pressure on the clog. Place the suction plunger over the drain hole and start taking a few good dips in the bathroom sink. Wait for the water to drain; if this solution works and your clogging is relieved, then the water will begin to drain at the expected rate.

Solution 4:  Using A Drain Snake

Use the drain snake and force the drill into the bathroom sink drain. Extend the drill until you reach the clogging. Once you’ve felt a stop, you’ve found the clogging. Use the drain snake to break the clog; this may take a few tries but should ease the blockage in your drain.

Solution 5:   Clean The Drain Trap

If the above methods are not effective, your clogging is deep in the pipes. Look under the sink to find the pipes; you should see the drain trap while you’re down there; it looks like a P or U. Place a bucket under this tube to collect any water that may fall when you remove it from the sink.

Loosen the rings and remove the drain trap and take it somewhere to clean it. After cleaning the trap pipe, reassemble it in the sink and rerun the water. This must be the solution to the bathroom sink problem.

Solution 6: Use Snake Drain In The Pipes

Remove the drain trap again and use your drain snake on the wall tubing under the sink. Move the drill to the pipe, move it to see if you can feel anything obstructing the pipe. Just feel around and gently push against anything in the way. If you hit something, then continue to snake the clogging.

If all of these solutions have been tried, and you are still experiencing a pool of water in your sink that refuses to drain, call a plumber for assistance or company near me. A professional plumber will be able to diagnose where the clog is and can remove it correctly.