Tips for a New Home Owner

Signing the paperwork for your own home is a thrilling moment. All at once, you have a place of your own, just calling out for those special touches. With this heartwarming feeling, also comes a responsibility to maintain the property. As a new homeowner, that may seem intimidating. It doesn’t need to be. Investing some time and money into certain areas could save you some headaches down the road and help avoid some expensive repairs. As you settle into your new abode, consider these home maintenance tips.

Add a Water Softener

Yes, the house has water. Is the water clean though? In many areas of the country, the water pumped into houses is hard. This means it contains minerals that can (over time) create sediment that damages pipes, appliances and faucets. This could mean replacing refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines much earlier than expected. Long term, it could also mean clogging water pipes in the house. What can you do to reduce this issue? Water softeners, often placed in the garage or side of the house, work to remove the hard minerals and produce soft water, potentially reducing build up. While it may seem expensive, research the market. Various products exist to suit budgets and needs. Some even assist in removing chlorine and purifying the drinking water in the home. Consult a professional if interested in learning more about residential chlorostatic water softeners cincinnati. The companies can provide estimates and additional information about what would work best for you.

Have the Air Unit System Inspected

Another intricate system in the home is the air conditioner, and it’s one people hate to see break. Cool air is a prized commodity. Newer homes usually have an outside unit, so you shouldn’t need to purchase one. Maintenance, though, is recommended. Twice a year a serviceman can come to look over the unit. During that time, the worker can identify any issues. Catching problems early might prevent an awkwardly hot day or night without air. What can you do on your own? Lines can clog, so pouring a small amount of bleach or vinegar down the drain pipe is suggested monthly. This assists in draining the line. Also, buy air filters in stock and set a time on your phone to remind you to change it monthly. This may keep the unit from working too hard. If you have trouble finding the right filter, look up your model or consult the professionals.

Cherish your new home, and take care of it. Regular checkups may prevent future issues.