The Consequences of Having a Clogged Drain

We’ve all had this encounter: you’re in the shower, putting your shampoo and body wash on when you realize the water has suddenly risen to your ankle! Drain clogs are an unavoidable result of everyday living. Sadly, they can pose a plethora of issues for homeowners and can be quite inconvenient.

While you may believe that a handy dandy plunger can solve everything, there are situations when it will not. In such cases, you should contact BenjaminBL Plumbing’s drain cleaning services. They will dispatch a plumber in Austin, TX, on the same day you get to prevent the following problems from worsening.

Nasty Odor

Bacteria and hair, among many other kinds of muck and slime, can begin to smell when a drain is clogged for a lengthy period of time. As water drains through it, it might force it back up through and into your tub or sink, generating odors in your bathroom. Having a professional remove the clog lowers your chances of being exposed to one of these nasty scenarios, which may spoil your shower and your entire day.

Drain odors are simple to miss and difficult to recognize since they are concealed odors. Even if you discover the cause and try an ancient home cure, the stink may still be present. This might indicate that there are more severe problems in your pipes, like mold development.

Water Invasion

The most prevalent and annoying hazard of a clogged drain is water damage. If drains clog and water cannot flow, your pipes can rust, and if this happens in the winter, the cold temperature can cause your pipes to burst, bringing a plethora of issues both immediately and in the long term.

A clogged drain can also cause water to leak back behind a tub or sink, causing mold to grow and creating an unhealthy environment for everyone, especially those with lung concerns. You may need to pay specialists to redecorate your bathroom, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

You can avoid clogs by having BenjaminBL Plumbing clear your drains on a regular basis. You will also lessen the likelihood of harmful mold forming under your bathroom tile and eliminate the need for floor and wall restoration.

Extra Charges

Additional expenditures linked with clogged drains that are often overlooked might be extremely substantial. You risk exacerbating the clog, pushing it deeper into a more difficult-to-clear location, or even snapping a drain snake or grafter off in the drain if you attempt to clean it yourself rather than hiring a professional! Additionally, drain-clearing chemicals like Drano or Liquid Plumr can release harsh fumes that are hazardous and difficult to deal with, not to mention time-consuming and frustrating.

Don’t Worry— Hire a Plumber!

Instead of tackling the issue on your own, you might seek assistance from others. Austin residents choose BenjaminBL Plumbing because they know their staff only employs safe and cutting-edge procedures to obvious drains. They will not only take care of the visible drains, but they will also reach the major water and sewer lines to achieve the most effective results.

You won’t have to be concerned if your lines are worn. The BenjaminBL Plumbing crew is also capable of repiping houses. This is frequently the most effective strategy to ensure that you will not have to cope with persistent obstructions. They establish the new system alongside the existing one so that you don’t go without water for even a minute!

Because emergencies can happen at any moment, they can arrange for same-day appointments. The sooner your condition is resolved, the sooner you may resume your normal life. Don’t let clogged drains ruin your day. Call BenjaminBL Plumbing as soon as you spot a problem!