Insurance for your sleep, are these Linen Beddings and Duvet Covers!

Have you ever created a healthy sleeping environment? Did you try the natural bedding ever? Well, sleep is an underrated necessity neglected by many. Although science tells us that it is one of the most important aspects of healthy living and perhaps more because of that we spend one third of our lives in the cosy bedroom. But is that cosy, enough? Here we call your attention to few more unknown or may be ignored aspects:

The healthy sleep environment;

We all have just become sleep snobs with hardly paying any attention to our bedroom environment. We don’t notice well that our beds are not that comfortable as well. They are many factors that impact our sleep though. A high quality sleep can improve our hormonal as well as the immune problems much more. We give more attention to the interiors of our cars then our bedrooms. Most of us blindly buy the mattress which looks comfortable and then just cover it off with sheets and blankets when we can actually for the linen ones.

Noxious Mattress:

Polythene foam is one of the commonly used wraps which bring firmness and softness to the mattress. Customers are never told that this is not environmentally accepted. It is often made of petroleum and emits volatile organic compounds which can be linked to respiratory irritation and other serious health issues. There are also polybrominated diphenyl ethers, which are sprayed over polyurethane to act as a flame retardant but have been found in breast milk and even seal blubber. Estimations are the 1-3% of all cotton workers are affected with acute poisoning from the chemicals used on the cotton crops and it is suggested to look for fair trade certified cotton.

And thankfully good quality linen can last for years, and there are more options available. You can order for more linens if you have more family members. The benefits of our linen bedding could be the best thing you do for your body while it slumbers. It can reduce hidden chemical dangers, allergies, temperature issues, and overall unexplained discomfort found in other conventional models.

Sleep in Sound comfort zone:

Magic Linen is temperature regulating fabric that becomes softer after every wash! Best of all, linen bedding can improve your sleep, you can fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up in a better  mood after sleeping on these Linen sheets. A breathable fabric- because it is warm in winter and cool in summer. If a sharp corned bed is your idea of Nirvana, you should better go for these linens and if you dream more of sleeping on those soft sheets that are breathable, adjusts your body temperature, and then you are definitely going to love our sheets!

Caring for linen is the easiest thing possible, if you don’t mind some imperfections in life. It doesn’t pill, or lose its shape, it’s just durable. Get appearance as you want and that’s all! Sleep well and get up happier!

Just browse through our products and you are there, with a sound healthy night!