Why You May Be Clogging Your Drains

One of the most inconvenient features of plumbing is a clogged drain. Water accumulates in your sink while you try to figure out what’s wrong. While certain clogs are beyond our control, such as deteriorated piping, people can also make mistakes. Some of the most prevalent causes of your condition are listed below.

If you have a clog that you can’t get rid of with a plunger, call the Mililani plumbing experts at Allens Plumbing. Their drain cleaning procedures are not only safe, but they can also deliver some of the most cutting-edge solutions on the market! Your water flow will be back up and running in no time with same-day services.


Have you ever prepared breakfast and had bacon grease or cooking oil left over? What else can you do with it but throw it away? While this may appear to be a safe method of disposing of cooking oil, fat may quickly collect in pipes, producing a blockage. As the grease congeals, it traps food scraps and other debris, forming a clog. Additionally, grease obstructs the circulation of water via pipes, resulting in sluggish drains and backups. Grease may create a moldy stink to build in your drain while it remains there. To avoid these issues, collect spent cooking oil in a container and dispose of it.

Hair Clumps

You may believe that when you brush your hair, it all gets caught in the brush, but a lot of it ends up in the sink. The same holds true when shaving in front of a mirror. When the hair clump expands, it will restrict the passage of water. To avoid clogging your pipes, instead of flushing them down the drain with the water, consider wiping them out with a paper towel and throwing it away. Do you want to have to take out a wad of damp hair later?

Overburdened Trash Disposal

A garbage disposal may be a lifesaver. They are capable of breaking up any remaining food on our plates. Since they break these substances down, they should not become clogged. That is not correct. Trash disposals are made to break down minute particles of food waste like egg shells or peanut shells. Some individuals include harder debris, such as fruit pits or meat bones, in their garbage. When you turn on your disposal while they are down your drain, you risk clogging and damaging it, which may be costly to replace.

Soap Buildup

In order to wash our hands or clean our dishes, we must use soap in our sinks. Yet, using the incorrect type of soap can also create drain blockages. Even though the soap is meant to clean, it might leave a sticky residue that collects and causes obstructions over time. To avoid this issue, use liquid soap instead of bar soap and thoroughly rinse away any soap residue after washing.

Alternatives for Drain Cleaning

In some circumstances, you may be able to clear your drains on your own:

  • Plungers
  • Augers
  • Vinegar and baking soda

If you are unable to handle a severe issue, such as your garage disposal, you should contact a plumber. Allens Plumbing can help with that.

Allens Plumbing has been the business Hawaiians call when their drains become clogged for the last 40 years. With this much expertise, they are aware of the shifting technologies and solutions available and have adapted to them. This includes high-speed drain cleaning equipment that enters your pipelines with a flexible snake-like head.

As previously stated, not all blockages are the result of human error. Tree root growth, for example, can hinder water and sewer systems. There is only one solution to this problem: hydro jetting. Allens Plumbing will utilize pressured water to clean your pipes completely.

Whether it is a toilet clog or a sewage line problem, a minor obstruction can cause significant harm if not addressed promptly. Errors are unavoidable, and there’s no reason to feel embarrassed when they occur. Together with taking the initiative to keep your drains clear, keep in mind that Allens Plumbing is just a phone call away. They will get you out of any jam!