Care and maintenance of gardens by the professional landscaper

The care and maintenance of gardens is essential in any project. Choosing varieties that adapt to the climate of the region and an efficient irrigation system is essential. In general, gardening tasks must be carried out at least twice a year.

In addition there are basic tasks to achieve better Landscape Design and maintenance. In this sense, at least three times a year, facilities and irrigation systems must be supervised. Sometimes a leak in drip or sprinkler irrigation can prevent the method from being efficient. This situation is very serious since it could cause the loss of plants and a great waste of water.

In small gardens      

The surfaces should be used without prejudice. A wall or the wall of a balcony is perfect for developing a vertical garden. The varieties of plants and flowers that are chosen should be adapted to the wind and the sun, especially if they are going to be located on a balcony.

Other ideas

Zen or dry type gardens are good solutions for small spaces. The furniture, although there is not too much space, should not be forgotten. You can resort to customized or modular design to create exquisite green spaces. Materials such as rattan, bamboo, wicker or wood are essential. They can be included as part of the furniture or in some architectural elements such as pergolas or fences. They can also be combined with other proposals that are not as rustic and more modern as steel, aluminum, concrete or glass.

Furniture and accessories

Any area is a good excuse if it comes to designing small gardens. Designing them under a staircase or as an internal patio are some options. Including a detail makes the difference. It can be an accessory, a piece of furniture, the original shape of a bush or the color of a plant. On the other hand, closing a terrace or balcony are good alternatives if you want to create a small natural corner. To achieve this, wood, steel, aluminum, bamboo or climbing plants can be used.

More tips: recycle objects like pallets, to build furniture, or old pieces to create a retro atmosphere are very practical and fun ideas to place plants and pots.

Conclusion: Go green

Finally, green roofs are another alternative to create a green space, outdoors and functional. They are also a good place for a community garden. The decoration of the entrance to the house often does not receive the attention it deserves and, after all, it is the first thing that anyone (and yourselves) sees from your house.

An elegant and natural way to decorate the entrance of your house is by designing a garden. It will give you reasons to get you to re-design yours with the expertise of an expert.