An Overview On Different Mantle Options

Finding the right place to place your fire is one thing and framing it up with the right mantle is another. Depending on your requirements, budget, interior options, and aesthetics, you have various options to select your mantle from. Selecting the right one that adds beauty to your fireplace and also adds to its functioning is essential and requisite. Thus, it’s the right time that you go exploring the right match for your hearth and making the most of it. Here are some options you should definitely check.

Types of fireplace mantels to take your pick from:

1) Concrete crevices                 

Settling it solid in brick and mortar gives an unparalleled sense of fixture that nothing can live up to. Low maintenance and easy to use, these mantels are in for the long run.

2) Ceramic creations

The modern-day touch to everything ‘fine’. Can be separate casts or a single unit preparation, these mantels giving you the upper hand in customization, always.

3) Brick it out

This one is the most cost-effective mantel. Installing one, however, can be a designing risk as it tends to stand out than blending in. The interiors must match up to the bricks level of suave simplicity.

4) Marbled

Something cool for something hot? These mantles add quite the Greek charm if you are adept to getting the marble polished into figurines or have it carved out for use. Certainly, a beautiful addition to your fireplace!

5) Staying stellar with the metal

Aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and brass are the metals that go with your contemporary interior choices. Their flexibility adds to your creativity as they can take the desired shape with ease.

6) Stone fireplace mantel

Going back to the primitive choices, one can install stone set mantel pieces around their hearth. Apart from the appealing aesthetics, the rocks actually add more to the mantels working than being just a mantle, you know?

7) Wooden mantels

From Victorian to Georgian, you can experiment to your hearts wishes with these mantels. The wood options allow you to make the most of everything creative on your mind. Go beyond the everyday and common with these mantel pieces.

You can explore all these mantel options and even more at New Jersey fireplace mantels. Make sure that these go well with your fireplace compliances and you are definitely good to go. Just mantel it out with ease!