Why is solid hardwood floor an ideal choice?

If you ask most of the people out there you would see that they prefer solid hardwood floors in their homes and there are some good reasons for the same. When you include hardwood floors in your home you take that much-needed step to making it an elegant one in the truest sense of the word. You get a new feel with these floors, a sort of fresh touch that you have never felt before. The main issue with these floors is their age. After a few years, you have to refinish the floor or renovate it in some or the other way.

A few things to consider before buying them

There are a few things that need to be taken into account before you buy solid hardwood flooring. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the part of your home where you wish to install the wooden floor. In case you are looking to buy such floors for areas such as kitchen and bathroom that tend to remain damp for a longer part of the day then solid hardwood may not be the right option for you as the moisture would not allow it to function properly for a desirable period of time in any case.

What other options can you think of?

In such cases, you can always think of alternatives such as engineered hardwood floors if it is a wooden floor that you want. Such floors are normally processed by people who work as interior professionals. The thing with engineered hardwood is that the top part is normally covered with the help of finished hardwood and the rest of it is just plywood. As far as engineered hardwood is concerned there is a wide array of variety on offer. You can choose anywhere between 2 ply and 10 ply construction.

How to decide on the requirement?

You can make the choice of such floor on the basis of factors such as budget and requirement. In fact, the same is applicable for Brazilian Tigerwood flooring as well. A lot of people also prefer to have laminate floors at their home because of the variety that they offer in terms of color, pattern, and style. With these, you can always be sure that you would find something or the other that would definitely suit your taste as well as your interiors. The best part of this is that it will happen in such a way that it would be far better than what you would have hoped.

Not real hardwood

The things with such alternatives as laminate and engineered hardwood are that they are not the real deal, the true solid hardwood. As such they are not at-par with it in terms of overall quality as well. Engineered hardwood is much better at dealing with moisture when compared to laminate floors. It also does not help that laminate floors are false wood and as such you will not be able to sand them like you can do with wooden floors.