Top reasons why the help of a real estate agent costs in Lake Norman

Real estate agent activity is widespread today, but as much as necessary and criticized. We often struggle with the fact that the work of an agent is presented from a negative angle of view. It is probably also the result of some people’s experiences, but most of the times it is a stereotype. Many people think that the services provided by an agent are exclusively aimed at profit, taking unfounded money from both buyers, sellers, tenants and others.

However, in today’s article, we want you to look at the work of a real estate agent from Lake Realty. We have recently found a letter from a guild colleague which impressed us and we would like to share it.

“In the following lines, I will try to explain to you what real estate real estate means, so you can have a clear and informed opinion about what I do day by day. In this way, you will understand why I can not help for all those who call me and ask for information for free:

  1. If you need advice and ask a friend, he will gladly say his opinion. But how many of these friends know what I’m talking about? How many of your friends who give you advice are real estate agents with 10 years experience? Out of respect for my daily work, long walks, views of hundreds of homes and meetings with thousands of customers, the advice I offer is not free, because it comes from an expert, not from an ignorant.
  2. Because my advice is not based on my opinion, but on clear arguments, with precise indications according to the evolution of the real estate market at that time. The development that I see not from reading an article but from feeling the pulse of the market day by day, in direct meetings with every interested person to work with me.
  3. Because when the advice is offered for free, it is not valuable. Moreover, unfortunately, you hear this constant expression around you: “how much you give, so much it does.” Alternatively, I do not want the work I have put all these years to be associated with zero money, because of a free offer.
  4. Because in the decade of experience I have in the back I attended classes, read books, worked with specialists to help me increase my reputation and visibility in the market. Moreover, for all this, I paid the price.

It takes away family time

  1. Because you are having a barbecue with your loved ones during the weekend or in the evenings, go out to a beer with friends, while I answer the phone and go to the viewers with the customers, whether it’s day or evening, no matter how we talk about time week or weekends.
  2. Moreover, my day, like your day, is 24 hours, and as much as I want to help you, I can not thank everyone and keep my profitable business. Learn more here.
  3. If your neighbor sold the house with x dollars and was about as big as yours, it does not mean you can sell yours at the same price. You see, the cases that seem similar at first glance are no longer the same as when you start looking at the details. From my experience, I can tell you whether you can sell it more or less, and I can argue why, because the transaction is once done to your advantage. Moreover, I can not give you these tips for free, because I was not provided free of charge gasoline for the hundreds of cars made by car to customers and no invoice on the phone or the rent with the headquarters of the company do not give me.
  4. From my respect for my profession and my colleagues working in the real estate field, my advice cannot be free. Delivering my services on zero would mean to devalue myself as a person and profession, and to put at the same level the added value that real estate consultants bring to this area of ​​activity.
  5. By giving you free advice, I discriminate against all over 2000 customers in my portfolio who have believed in me, in addition to the value they receive from my collaboration and have given me a commission on the transactions I helped them finish.

Moreover, I, in turn, respect specialists in other areas and pay them the right price. That’s because we can not understand anything as good as someone doing that day-to-day.

These are the reasons, dear reader, for which I can not give you, when you call me, all the information you ask for, absolutely free of charge. So next time you’re tempted to look at the real estate agent from a negative perspective, take it back.

The real estate ad

It puts the advantages of the real estate in the foreground. A real estate announcement, like any news release, is read in a hurry, and the reader’s attention is lost during the progress in the text. That is why you must ensure that the essential elements are the first. Do not write an ad like all the rest of the press, because you will have the surprise of being “jumped.” If you have a garage, for example, included in the house price, do not leave this detail for the category “and others”! Alternatively, maybe the price is below the market. Put these items first in your ad. Surely, your phone will ring without stopping.

Do not be frustrated by giving detailed descriptions! It is not enough to say “furnished bedroom” or “fitted kitchen.” Otherwise, it sounds like: “Solid wood furniture in the bedroom” or “X-appliance in the kitchen.”

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Sale and purchase of a real estate start from the posting of a real estate ad. In a real estate ad, the intentions and interests of the seller, the buyer, and the real estate agent meet. Everyone has certain expectations that his or her posted post should satisfy. This is the first level of communication, the first recommendation of the real estate. Failure at this stage leads directly to the delay or even the inability to complete the desired transaction. You do not want this. It is essential to be careful to make a good impression because we all know: the first impression counts. In a few words, you can sign your sentence or you can already be half the winner.