Learn More About Natural Stone And What It Can Be Used For

Finally, natural stone is a material that becomes more beautiful over time and is timeless. Its colors, its tones, and its “grains” are always nuanced and varied, which gives it its unique and inimitable character.

You can notice it very clearly on this Kandla sandstone coping which offers pretty tones, or on this Cénia stone, whose orange-pink “veins” can be seen. Visit website to learn more.

Natural Stone Is Durable And Ages Well Over Time

Natural stones have excellent qualities of resistance, robustness, and durability. Unlike many materials, they keep their qualities intact over time. Often non-slip, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are resistant to temperature variations, as well as stains, due to their non-porosity.

Their maintenance is quite simple, although you should not use any commercial product that could tarnish them due to their acidity and aggressiveness. A good cleaning once a year is enough.

Use Interior Natural Stone For Your Home

Used in a house interior, natural stone like Flagstone vs Slate for instance will offer an incomparable cachet. She brings a lot of charm and a lot of styles. It can be used in any interior space: living room floor, kitchen floor, bathroom floor, living room walls, bathroom walls, shower screens, worktops, stairs, etc. 

Natural Stone For Interior Floors

This is called tiling or natural stone paving. The installation is rather easy and does not necessarily require calling in a professional, as long as you are a little handyman.

Depending on the type of stone, you will get a different effect. With its soft color tones, beige, cream, or ochre, Travertine will soften spaces. Its asperities bring a rustic and very authentic and warm side. With its gray colors, a natural stone like granite brings a more modern and sober side. Slate or blue stone will offer a very timeless and natural look.

Natural Slate Stone Floor: Facing Stones For Interior Walls

You can use natural stone for your interior floors as well as for your interior walls. It is referred to as wall-facing stone or even facing bricks when it is used for its walls. Again, the installation can be done yourself. This material goes very well with all types of materials. Therefore, you can easily associate it with a stone floor, a wooden parquet floor, or any other coverage you have chosen. 

Choose Natural Stone For Your Outdoor Spaces

This coating lends itself perfectly to outdoor use due to its extreme resistance. Resistant to bad weather and temperature variations, non-slip, and easy to maintain, the stone will enhance any space.