Why Rattan Patio Furniture Is Better Than Your Average Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Garden is one of the important parts of everyone’s home and everyone wants to make it look beautiful. Gone are the days when people overlook its importance and don’t feel it important to decorate it. Now to adorn garden is as important as indoor decoration. Because of the increasing craze of decorating garden in stylish manner among all, many types beautiful and stylish looking luxury outdoor furniture are available in market which helps you in adorning your garden.

Sometimes ago, only plastic chairs were used as a furniture in garden but now there are numerous types of furniture’s are available in market that makes your garden look unique and attractive. Generally wooden furniture is considered best for outdoor purpose. And among wood, teak is most preferred type. Teak is well known for giving rich, elegant and luxurious look. However it is a little bit expensive but very durable and strong. It gives very long life and can bear several weather conditions and it is main reason why it is used as outdoor furniture.

Rattan is ideal for furniture due to the fact it does not splinter or break easily – the extent of rattan’s durability is proven though its use as a martial arts weapon – not only this but it is flexible so it can be used to bring various innovative designs to life.

Rattan is a renewable resource and is therefore a much more environmentally friendly purchase than most plastic outdoor furniture. This is a definite selling feature for many as the environment becomes an ever pressing issue.

Rattan can be stained in the same way as most other woods meaning you can stain it easily with a range of colours, something not available with most plastic furniture.

Rattan is often chosen as patio or garden furniture due to its natural and stylish look. Rattan patio furniture has a generally more up-market look than plastic furniture, you may argue that plastic furniture is more weather proof. But Rattan furniture can also with stand the weather if build with a rust resistant frame and if any material is UV resistant, so the color will not fade.

Rattan does require a little maintenance and needs to be cleaned regularly with a dry cloth. It should not be keeping in a damp place or exposed to too many storms in a short period of time. But given you take care of your rattan  garden furniture it should last for many years and another perk is that rattan furniture ages gracefully.

There is the option to have synthetic rattan garden furniture made from PVC or plastic which requires next to no maintenance and can be a cheaper option. This is a great option for those with little storage space indoors and who want to leave their garden furniture outside all year round.

The way rattan is woven can be somewhat of an art form within itself. For one, you have to get it exactly right, if woven too tightly it will snap, if woven too loosely it will not be stable. But also just the patterns and designs of how is woven can been quite impressive and creative. This kind of detail and complexity is something you will rarely see in plastic outdoor furniture. Rattan patio furniture has a rich history and yet remains a material that can still look modern; it is also environmental and durable.