The following is a list of ideas to improve your kitchen and make it more functional. They are all intended to be done by yourself and on a budget, without having to spend thousands of dollars and to achieve good results.

First and foremost is to have good drawers under your sink. Many homeowners have just cabinets and they are completely useless after a couple of things are stored on them because they look full. So, a good idea is to turn them into drawers which are much more functional and useful. Gaps under the sink are unique so you need custom woodwork and this is really expensive if you have to hire somebody but, you can do it yourself if you know how to.

Upgrade your countertops. Granite is a great material for the countertop but it is not a cheap improvement so, why don’t you make them look like granite? You can find granite paint for less than $100 and it gives very good results, you just need to follow the instructions and do it exactly as it is written in the manual or you will end up with a chipped counter. The same can be done with faux marble paint.Image result for KITCHEN IMPROVEMENT IDEAS

Pans are a pain in the rear to store. The most obvious way to do it is to stack them but then it is difficult to reach the one you want and also, if you are using Teflon or porcelain wans you will rub them and make them lose their properties very fast. A good way to store them is to make custom shelves in with vertical separations instead of just horizontal ones. So, you can store one pan on each compartment without having to stack them and preventing them to be wasted.

Install a gooseneck faucet. These faucets are stylish, look good and they are also much more functional than regular faucets. This is because the space below the neck can be used to manage your dishes while you are washing them. They are cheap and you don’t need a contractor to put them into place.

Add some greens to your kitchen. Yes, your kitchen is not a place to stay around whole day but, if you make it look more beautiful and natural you will feel better while cooking. If instead of planting any plants you plant aromatic herbs on teacups you will kill two birds in one shot. Also, taking some time to dress up your kitchen windows is a small touch but it can change the entire look of the kitchen.

Add lighting to your cabinets, specially to the ones under the sink and countertops. Even with good lighting it is not always easy to look into these cabinets so, you won’t use them often and they are likely to be neglected with a lot of useless stuff. Just place a couple of battery powered LED lights under them and you are all set. No hard work, no installation and no anything. You aren’t going to use them often so it is the perfect place for these lamps; they don’t use much battery and are as good as regular ones.