How to Clean Hard Wood Floors: Ultimate Guide

Hardwood floor is one such delicate thing that needs to be well cleaned and maintained. It is one valuable investment for which of course, you would have to take extra care and efforts, especially if you are not sure if the floor is hardwood is finished or not

Hardwood Floors General Maintenance

First thing is you need to be sure about the finishing. If you understand that finishing off the Hardwood floor is made of wax then cleaning becomes almost less complicated. Once clear with the finishing of the floor, there are many ways that you can use on how to clean the wooden floors without any problem. Use the ingredients like polyurethane and urethane since they are stain and water resistant. Use wax for cleaning hard surface and then dab a little water to clean it off completely.

Using Modern Surface Seal

If there is a general cleaning required, you are advised to select the water-based cleaning which is pH neutral. They are designed for the hardwood based selective cleaners. They can easily dissolve grease and dirt or else use of alkaline is also fine in such situation. In case there are hard mineral deposits then go for the acidic waster based cleaning solution.

Cleaning different types of Hardwood floors

This process is not difficult at all. To make sure hard water streaking is avoided in the best possible manner, you would have to choose the distilled water. You can buy it at the cheap price from any local supermarket.  Remove the shoes so that you don’t make the floor further dirty and this way, you can take a very good care of the floor with the right product. Let the floor get dried off well and see the difference.

Understand that it one kind of investment that needs proper care and attention. If you don’t follow the above tips in a right manner then, of course, things may get complicated. Make a note of the above tips. In case, you are still finding it difficult to handle, then make a good research and find an expert who is unto the cleaning field for a long time. The better you use the right expert’s advice, the more it would be good for you to take care of the hardwood floor that you have recently installed. Furthermore, speak with those who already have such floor for a long time and has been maintaining it.