Design 101: 7 Accent Pieces To Elevate Your Living Room Interiors

When designing your living room interiors, you can never have too many décor accents. Whether you recently bought a sofa online in Singapore or not, one way to spice your living area is by adding details. Accent pieces are versatile pieces that can go well with any sofa type.

Choosing the appropriate décor details is an extra challenge. To help you with that, here are a few options!

  1. RUGS

Rugs are the best way to define your living room interiors. You can place this beneath your centre table or can also be below your sofa bed in Singapore. A tip when choosing rugs is to look for a design that matches your interiors.


Bookshelves are also one way to spice up your living area. Shelves, in general, make a good accent piece for displaying books, photos, souvenirs, or trophies.


Hang wall art to elevate a dull-looking wall. You may consider abstract paintings, drawings, or family portraits.


You can place this beside the sofa you bought online in Singapore or near the windows for a more relaxing and natural ambience.


Candles are an inexpensive way to garnish your centre table. Choose a candle holder that goes well with the colour of your walls.


Place a pop of colour on top of your sofa bed in Singapore and add sparks to your living room through colourful pillows.


Don’t underestimate the power of plants. Whether you hang it, put it as a table topper, or place it near the walls, it can instantly elevate your interiors.

These décor accents can also go well in your dining area. A golden candleholder can harmonise with your wooden dining table, while pillows can dress out your wooden dining chairs. In interior designing, you can experiment and play with different pieces. There are no rules. You can play with patterns on patterns, apply contrasting colours, or use various materials.

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