Custom sofa- Types you should consider to transform your living room

Whether you are planning a personal visit to furniture stores or buying a cheap sofa online, the most difficult step in buying a custom sofa is deciding which type is best for your living room and your lifestyle.

custom sofa designers across the world exclude the work of the board from the comparison. So don’t hesitate to read about the types of sofas that can really transform your living room! If you are looking to get bespoke sofas, visit Desace at

  1. Convertible on the bench

The Cabriole sofa was inspired by the 18th century by Louis XV. This sofa forms a soft S-shape, with the lower part crawling in and the upper part crawling out. It has no continuous lines or back cushions. However, it has curved legs and cut wood.

  1. Tuxedo sofa

Did you know that the name draws inspiration from different parts of the world? This sofa looks quite refined and has the same back and arms. Although it is an ideal sofa for reading, it is not for relaxation because it has a straight back. However, if you want to turn this comfortable set, wear pillows!

  1. Modern half of the century

This furniture became popular from the 1940s to the 1970s. But it never ceases to be beautiful. This type has geometry, organic shapes, and retro popularity. With its minimalist design, this sofa’s style, comfort, and elegance are enhanced by clean lines.

  1. Camel couch

This sofa is a bit formal and has a tight back and swivel arms. Thomas Chippendale designed it in the 18th century. He has no back pillows, but his legs are exposed. However, this style will look elegant when you place it in the living room as an entrance.

  1. Chesterfield sofa

This style of sofa represents noble elegance. It was designed in the 18th century with a leather head covering. It has a deep seat with exposed wooden legs, long swivel arms, and a low deep backrest. Even without these back cushions, the elegantly designed curved lines ensure that this sofa doesn’t go out of fashion.

  1. Sectional sofa

This sofa is a multi-purpose piece of furniture with one of the most modern typical styles. This means that you can adapt it to your space and needs. Because it is a piece of furniture, it has a different number of pieces – 3, 5, 7, or more. U-shape and L-shape are two of their most common configurations. In addition, they can fill large corners and spaces in the room.

  1. English Seats Club

This sofa is described in three words: casual, versatile, and classic. It has a British country style and dates back to the 19th century. If you are looking for comfort, this sofa is a must for you – it has a small back and firm pillows.

Enjoy the style for sofas!