Daily Habits: How to Maintain a Clutter-Free Home

When it comes to maintaining a clutter-free home, people have a lot of misconceptions. In fact, some would say that there are just people who are cleaner than others.

By categorizing yourself as an unclean person, you are closing yourself off to a cleaner and healthier life.

Aside from that, a lot of people think that maintaining a clutter-free home is all about weekly deep cleaning sessions of the house. That is not the case.

Maintaining a clean home shouldn’t mean that you have to deep clean every week. A clutter-free home requires the development of daily cleaning habits in people.

With that said, below are some simple habits you can develop to start having and maintaining a home free from dirt and clutter. Start developing them today, and you’ll find yourself coming back to a clean home in no time.

Have a purge bin

A purge bin is a container where you store items that you encounter around the house that you find that you no longer have any use for or don’t want to keep any longer. These items can be clothes or other items that can be used again. Once the purge bin is full, you have different options on what to do.

You can donate it to a local charity so that others in need may have a better use for items you no longer love. You also have the option to make some money off of it by selling these items off if they’re profitable enough.

With this method, you’re decluttering at a slow, but steady pace instead of having a huge purge every month.

Implement habits to manage the clutter

Some things that you neglect to do daily can add up to the clutter in your home without you noticing. Thus, you should look into developing habits that will make it easier for you to manage clutter in the home.

With small daily habits, it doesn’t feel like too much of a chore to clean up, unlike when the clutter has piled up. With that said, there are some of the habits you should consider developing so that it’s easier to manage clutter in your home.

When they’re cooking, try to clean as you cook instead of waiting until after the whole cooking process to clean up.

Also, the simple act of putting things back where they belong after you’ve used them is a solid decluttering habit that has a huge impact you should not underestimate.

Try going paper-free

Having documents lying around can make a room feel quite cluttered and small. As much as possible, try to convert your documents into their digital forms.

Of course, this wouldn’t apply to some of the more important documents that you have, but for others, try to scan them and put them in hard drives or even save them in cloud storage.

Not only will this help declutter your home office, if you have one, or wherever you store important documents, but it will also make it easier for you to look for these documents that you need.

Plus, if you save them via cloud storage, you can access them anywhere, even when you’re not at home.

Assign a place for everything

As mentioned before, daily habits can make all the difference when you want a home that’s free of clutter.

One of the mentioned habits to develop is putting back things where they belong. To do that, then items should have a place to belong to in the first place.

With that said, at Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Services Austin, we advise clients to assign the right place for items as much as you can. You can invest in a label maker to make it easier for you to know which one’s which.

Plus, if you have labels in place, then if you’re the main decision-maker in the home, other members of the home don’t have to consult you to ask where everything is.

Live within your means

It requires a certain amount of self-control to be able to maintain a home that’s free of clutter.

One aspect of having a clutter-free home is having the self-control to acknowledge the space that you have and not buying items that you cannot store properly in your home.

Sometimes, your closet is filled to the brim with clothes. You don’t even wear some of these as often. It’s time to let these go so that you can have more space to buy new clothes. Otherwise, it’s best that you don’t buy new clothes until you get rid of others in your closet.

Follow the one in, one out rule

One habit of carving into yourself is the one in, one out rule which says that if you buy a new item in the house, then you must also remove one item in the house.

It doesn’t matter how you remove it. Either you donate it or sell it. Whatever floats your boat, so long as there is an equal exchange.

This rule helps keep a balance of items in your home so that you don’t end up overcrowding your home with all sorts of items. It means you won’t run out of space because you’re always getting rid of something as you buy something new.

Simplify your life

Perhaps all this clutter is a reflection of your mindset.

Why do you need so many items anyway?

Maybe it’s time to live a life that’s less about material items and more about experiences. With a minimalist perspective in life, you’ll find your home will soon follow suit.

This will make a cluttered home not only less appealing to you, but it will compel you to do something about it as well.

Wrap up

There are many ways you can maintain a clutter-free home. From changing your entire life perspective to practical ways like assigning a home for items, all of these can contribute to a decluttered home. By keeping a home free of clutter, you’re not only living a cleaner life, but you’re also living a healthy life, so start these habits as soon as you can.