Questions to ask before choosing real estate agent

The real estate market is full of agents who are eager to take your listing. But that doesn’t mean you should be hasty when choosing an agent to represent you.

The agent you select will have a big impact on your bottom line. A good one will help you sell your home for top dollar, while a bad one could leave money on the table.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before making your decision:

What’s the agent’s reputation? Do agents in your area know him or her? The more well-known an agent is in the community, the better his or her chances of finding a buyer for your home. If the agent is relatively unknown, ask why and how he or she plans to make up for it.

How long has the agent been working? Some agents haven’t been around long enough to establish relationships with other professionals they can call on when they need help selling a client’s home. That doesn’t mean they won’t be effective representatives, but it’s something to consider.

Does the agent work full time? Some agents work in real estate part time because they’re just trying to supplement their income from another source. That’s not necessarily bad, but if you want someone who’s focused solely on getting your home sold. Are you full-time or part-time? The agent should be selling homes full-time. You’ll find that full-time agents are more likely to be available when you need them and will know the business better than those who aren’t working at it every day. That’s not to say that part-timers don’t do great work; just understand that they may not be as available as someone who is doing this for a living. You can contact Roger bates properties for more information.

Choosing the right real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your finances.

But how do you know if you’ve picked the right person? It’s not as easy as just choosing the next big name in your local area. To find the perfect real estate agent for your needs, there are seven questions you should ask:

How long have you been an agent?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a new agent is inexperienced — he or she could be a former banker or attorney who just started practicing real estate full time. However, experience does count, and an experienced real estate agent can help you avoid possible pitfalls in the market.

Do you have references from past clients?

Always ask for references from past clients who can vouch for their ability to work with buyers or sellers. If an agent can’t provide them, move on.

What’s your strategy for finding me a property/helping me sell mine?

You want more than just “I’ll advertise it online.” You want to hear about their personal outreach and marketing plan, such as how they will get your property in front of potential buyers or how they plan to find listings that match what you’re looking for.