Gravel Is Natural, Inexpensive and Charming

Gravel is one of the simplest and most cost effective landscaping materials to work with.

Whether your exterior area is in a commercial or domestic setting the appearance can be transformed with just a few hours labour.

In winter the garden can often seem bereft and lacks personality. As nature sleeps it is still possible to make your garden, path or driveway a pleasure to look at.

Gravel offers additional winter grip under foot and tyres which makes putting the bins out and going to the shop a lot easier. Paving, concrete and asphalt have a nasty habit of forming ice patches for you to negotiate in bad weather.

Enjoy gravel which sparkles in the sunlight thanks to its quartz content, a range of earthy toned stones and a variety of vibrant colour chippings for contemporary gardens.

Even on the coldest or wettest day gravel can offer warm hues and a peaceful aspect to your outdoor space.

The most common gravel sizes from expert gravel suppliers are 10mm and 20mm but some products are produced in 14mm or 18mm.

There are several textures and shapes to choose from. Angular gravel is better for winter grip and 20mm won’t smooth out as quickly as 10mm options.

Some gravels work excellently for driveways and paths but others may crumble a little so it’s best to do some research.

Gravel suppliers like the long established Rivar Sand and Gravel who have depots in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham offer local gravels from the Thames Valley and Cotswolds which are kind to the pocket and easy to install.

They are also happy to offer advice so that you leave them with the right product for you.

For a traditional natural brown-buff, gravel suppliers often recommend South Cerney Gravel, it comes in 10mm and 20mm. The 10mm features less brown. It melts in to the natural landscape.

Moonstone Gravel is comprised of Thames Valley Flint and it is available in bulk bags in 10mm and 20mm sizes.

The chips are black, white, brown and grey and work perfectly in a monochrome garden design. These chips also show planting to its best advantage and highlights water features. Set against black paving it will charm you.

Another option is the white dolomite gravel in 10mm, this will remind you of frost and snow even in the midst of a heatwave thanks to its refreshing shine which is supplied courtesy of the quartz in the material.

If your aim is to be bold and lay an eye-catching gravel on your driveway then you’ll find that Flamingo Gravel in blue-green, white and pink will offer the colour boost that any shady day demands.

Your exterior space can also be covered with characterful Cheshire Pink Gravel. With its pinks, plums and purple tones it should make you feel warm at a glance. It compliments paving and will withstand traffic, pedestrian and vehicles, year after year.

It’s best to visit local gravel suppliers and choose a product that achieves your objectives.