9 Reasons You Should Use Stone Paving in Your Garden

Natural stone is a fantastic option for anybody looking to enhance their garden and replace that old wooden patio. Stone can give your garden that beautiful and natural finish you’ve been dreaming of, if done correctly.

  1. Every stone is completely unique, unlike its manufactured alternatives they can vary in size colour and texture. No matter how slight they are these little differences are what create the natural beauty and make them so pleasing to the eye.
  2. The brilliant thing with stone is that they look better with age and not worse, over time it will weather beautifully unlike wood. Many stones will grow moss which although can alter the colour over time can also add a sense of nature into your garden too.
  3. While many styles and designs will come into place and quickly disappear, natural stone isn’t one of those and tends to stick around for long periods of time. Due to it being so hardwearing, stone will look just as appealing in years to come
  4. The durability of stone practically sells itself. If correctly installed by paving contractors it can last for hundreds of years.
  5. Whilst many plants and flowers are seasonal, they flourish in summer and practically disappear all winter, stone doesn’t. no matter what the weather or what month we are in your stone will always look lovely.
  6. You may think stone is stone, almost a one shoe fits all but you are wrong. Natural stones come in an endless variety of options from colour to style.
  7. We’ve all seen people out in the sun for hours gardening, trying to keep those plants looking spot on. Once again stone can sell itself for the simple fact it takes very little maintenance if any at all to upkeep.
  8. The brilliant thing with stone is that it can be used for so many different things, the only limit to stone is your imagination. Whether it’s a wall, bench, water feature, of patio you can find a stone that is perfect for just that
  9. Natural stone can be mixed with other materials to provide a lovely feel in your garden. Whether you use natural materials like flowers or water or man-made you can bring a very natural feel to your garden very easily.

Paving contractors will also advise you on which stone is the most suitable for you, for your budget, space, and lifestyle. Quite often they will have materials you never even knew about. Spend plenty of time planning your garden and try different ideas out on paper until you get the perfect look.