Closing the Deal the Right Way

When you work in real estate, you need to really know your audience if you want to be successful at closing deals. For some clients, that may mean one thing, for another, another thing entirely. It is important for you to get to know our prospective clientele and figure out just what their interests are if you want to really be able to close a deal effectively.

When you feel as if you are approaching the close of the deal, it is time to start dangling a carrot in front of your potential buyer. Now, you don’t want to do anything too childish, as your buyer may start to get wary and back off. But if you are clever, you can smoothly sneak in a few incentives that will start to draw the potential buyer in past the point of no return.

Of course, every buyer has a different personality, so make sure you pick your mark correctly. One that we find often works well is a well-rolled cigar. Nothing says celebratory like a Cuban or another fine cigar. Check out the collection at JR Cigar, and then make sure you use JR Cigar’s Groupon Coupons to get a great deal on a few. Set these near the signing papers and tell your buyer you can’t wait to see them light up a victory cigar on their new front porch, and you can see their imagination already zooming ahead full speed. From there, your potential buyer is quickly becoming the real thing, as they imagine many a peaceful afternoon in their new home, or a celebratory and festive night with friends and family.

Closing deals in real estate is as much about picking the right property to represent as it is about closing in on the right buyer. If you know that you have an in with a buyer, make sure to use your advantage as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to get personal if it feels right and offer a great reward for a purchase. If you know your crowd, you will probably knock it out of the park more often times than not.