An Important Comparison between Closed Shower Enclosures and Open, Walk In Showers

Whilst showers have been in existence since time out of mind, the shower enclosure itself was quite dull up to a few years ago – there was a time that the shower was nothing more than a showerhead installed at an existing bath tub enclosure, and that was pretty much the gist of it. A simple and practical solution a decade or two ago, perhaps – but it no longer fits with the modern family as it stands today.

More and more, families choose to install shower enclosures that benefit their own lifestyle and speak of their own taste regarding comfort and style. Different kinds of open and closed shower cubicles are becoming more and popular. But what are differences between the two, and which should you choose? Here’s an important comparison between closed shower enclosures and open, walk in showers.

The modern bathroom

It’s important that you can open up your bathroom, at least on a visual level. Not only does it allow you to create the feeling of more space, it can also enhance your comfort, and it allows you to spot dirty or unclean areas which, when left untreated, could lead to health problems. The shower enclosure allows you to do exactly that.

Enclosed showers

The enclosed shower has shower walls and possibly a shower door. The choice of enclosure walls is numerous: transparent, semi-transparent, and so on.

  • Benefits – Due to the way they are constructed, you have many options when it comes to design and style; it can also be adjusted according to the bather’s need for privacy.
  • Disadvantages – After the shower the glass may have to get wiped down, as many home-owners do not like to see droplets drying on the glass. However, there is special glass on the market that prevents this.

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Walk in showers

Walk in showers are open and are easy to enter, offering more mobility and freedom of space.

  • Benefits – A walk in shower is visually very appealing, creating the illusion of spaciousness and luxury.
  • Disadvantages – Privacy issues or the feeling of being unprotected may leave some home-owners feeling the need for a barrier.

The classical shower solution (with a showerhead installed against the wall above the bath) may have been a popular way to deal with space requirements a few decades ago, but that trend is fading, and fading fast. People think smarter now and look after not only the practical advantages of the shower enclosure, but about a certain way of living and a certain standard of comfort and style as well. Before you decide, make sure to visit some sites and examine the pros and cons for your family; it’s an important decision, and you would want to be informed.

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