What to Consider In an Open Space Office?

Studies of human behavior reveal that people choose workplaces that reflect their changing needs and have Dedicated Desk in a Coworking Space in River North, Chicago for example. That’s why modern and current collaborative office projects must adapt to people, not the other way around. The open plan needs to consider the well-being and, above all be flexible: accommodate all types of work carried out within it with spaces to collaborate, socialize, focus, learn and decompress.

Architecture and design can help create humanized, authentic, and inspiring spaces where employees want to be.

We have separated 4 tips on what to consider in an open space office project to enhance people’s well-being, strengthen work relationships without losing privacy:

  1. Natural Lighting

Combine artificial light with natural light. Natural light stimulates the brain, influences health and the consequent increase in productivity, and helps reduce eye strain, irritability, and headaches. With a focus on sustainability, natural light is a clean and safe energy source. Still focused on sustainability in using artificial light, opt for LED lamps that reduce energy consumption and consequently the emission of toxic gases in the environment.

  1. Invest In Natural Decor and Organic Shapes

Biophilic design aims to bring nature closer through living walls, natural materials, textures, and space with a view to the outside or to create a refuge. This trend brings natural references, with rounded shapes away from the most rigid urban environments, providing softness to the space and a pleasant and safe climate. They are environments created by thinking about moments of interaction and decompression.

  1. Invest In Ergonomics and Mobility

When selecting furniture for your office, invest in ergonomics and adaptable furniture, aiming to follow regulatory standards to ensure comfort, health, and safety and generate well-being for employees. Choose sofas, benches, chairs, benches, and tables that transform according to the environment’s needs. Bet on versatile furniture.

  1. Space of Concentration

Include places for study or moments of concentration and privacy in your project. You can invest in creating small individual rooms structured for a period of activity that requires greater concentration. In addition, there are high-back acoustic sofas. Its coating allows noise absorption and reduction, inviting for more focused work. They are also a stylish alternative to dividers.

If your open space office project is developed to focus on the user, with conditions focused on their well-being, they will be happy to attend. And above all, they will be proud to be an integral part of the company.