5 Simple and Practical Ways to Maintain your Air-Conditioner

With the increasingly warming global temperature, an air-conditioner plays a crucial role both for health and convenience. More and more homes and businesses are installing AC units to fight off the dizzying heat and create a cooler environment.

However, it is important that AC units are well taken care of. Without proper guidelines and practices, an AC unit can start to malfunction and get damaged altogether. Good thing, there are simple and practical ways you can apply to ensure that your AC functions efficiently and effectively. These not only help increase the lifespan of the AC but also cut on possible expenses because of damage.

Now, here are five tips you may apply to make the most out of your AC unit.

Replace Air Filter once a Month

Air Filter is one of the essential components of your AC unit. It works to protect your home from particles like dust, dirt, and dander, thus, helping create a healthier atmosphere. However, it can only function well if it is clean and free from excess particulate matter. If the air filters are bogged down by particulates, the AC loses its optimum capacity of operation. And that leads to poorer air quality in your house/office.

Solution? Replace the air filter of your AC unit regularly. It is one of the best things you can apply to ensure your AC’s health. And this is easy and can be done in a few minutes only.

Ensure Cleanliness of the Coil

Coils play a vital role to help your AC unit absorb heat and create a cooler atmosphere. Just like an air filter, however, they gradually become insulated with particulates. These decrease the amount of heat that they can sequester.

That is why it is imperative to make sure that the coils are clean. Cleaning the coils can be done in a lot of ways. But it is recommended to start by cleaning the component around the condenser unit of any debris.

Regularly Inspect Fins

Within the condenser and the evaporator of an AC unit, there are what we call fins. Continuous use of AC can often cause these fins to bend, thus, limiting airflow.

To keep the AC working efficiently, regularly ensure that these fins are not bent. To address this, do buy a fin comb. You can also seek help from an AC professional or technician.

Periodically Check the Condensate Train

The condensate drain of an AC drains and directs the condensation formed within the system outdoors. However, this also gets clogged with particulates from time to time.

That is why always inspect to see if it is working correctly. If you notice there is a problem, unclog the obstruction and seek help from an AC technician.

Consult with Professional AC Service Providers

There are just some issues or problems that you can’t deal with, especially if you are new to an AC unit. One of the technical constraints you may face is how to deal with an ac repair spring.

Good thing, there are countless service providers out there which you can tap to deal with these.

Among them is the Schiller Services which have years of experience in solving technical issues associated with an AC unit including an ac repair spring. The service provider offers one of the best repairs, maintenance, and air conditioner replacement.

So, if you got any trouble with your AC, tap them out. They are just a click and a call away.