3 Must-Know Things about Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressing cabinets is one sure thing you can do to achieve a country-looking or classic interior. Now that classic and natural-looking interior designs are trending, there’s no perfect time to leverage the weathered but natural look of distressed cabinet designs. 

Distressed kitchen cabinets are now among the top trending cabinet designs. To find out why they continue to be an inspiration to many, we trawled the internet and discovered four must-know things about distressed cabinets. 

Read on to discover what you didn’t know about these classic cabinets. 

Features that Define Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Think of the weathered appearance of natural wood. Soft and natural-the defining appearance feature of distressed cabinets. Also known as worn-out cabinets, these cupboards have been a feature of interiors with classic designs for many years. 

Other than their weathered appearance, distressed cabinets are defined by the following features. 

  • Natural Wood Material

While different cabinet designs are manufactured from different materials, for example, laminate and metallic materials, distressed cabinets are wholesomely made of wood. In terms of material features, these cupboards only vary based on types of wood in the sense that they are designed from nothing else but wood. 

Because of their natural wood material background, distressed kitchen cabinets are considered not only durable but also functional and friendlier to the environment. You can find distressed cabinets made of teak, oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, hickory and any other hardwood used in the design of furniture. 

In this regard, we can conclude that distressed cabinets are somehow versatile. With cabinet versatility comes a multiplicity of design options you can choose from as a homeowner who wants chances to try out different designs. 

  • Compatibility with Multiple Kitchen Designs

Whereas their worn-out appearance makes them ideal for rustic interiors, distressed cabinets can work in other types of interiors, including the contemporary-styled type of interiors. With their neutral rustic vibe, these cabinets match all types of décor, from colourful kitchenware to works of art, live plants, and colors. 

Hence, they can fit perfectly in a modern kitchen just as they can fit splendidly in a traditional-styled kitchen interior. With their top-notch ability to blend well in all types of interiors comes the ease of working with them, especially in the interior design process. 

With them, you can easily change the design of your kitchen’s interior whenever you feel like doing so, thanks to the fact that these cabinets are simpler to style compared to many other cabinet designs. 

Benefits of Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Other than their all-natural attractiveness, distressed kitchen cabinets are loved for their unparalleled benefits, which include the following.

  1. Functionality

From cleaning to maintenance, and beautification, distressed cabinets are exclusively functional and thus beneficial. Considering that they are manufactured from raw wood, distressed cabinetries are durable and can resist corrosive spills, dust, and scratches. 

If you want drawers that are easier to outfit, then distressed cabinets should be your option. Because of their material, you can easily de-install and modify them compared to cabinets with artificial material surfaces and components. 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Distressed kitchen cabinets are less-expensive and most importantly, very durable. Because of their simplistic designs, these drawers are less costly compared to modern-styled cabinetry designs which are often expensive merely because of their vast beautification features. 

Considering their cost-effectiveness, distressed cabinets can bring value to a homeowner with a fixed budget concerning interior design. Their durable structure makes them less susceptible to repairs and maintenance schedules, all of which can be hectic in terms of consuming time and money. 

  1. Ease of Access

Like many natural wood kitchen cabinets, distressed cupboards are easy to have. Other than buying exclusively new distressed cabinets, you can easily distress your cabinets by yourself or with someone without any hitch. 

If you choose to distress cabinets rather than go for newer ones, then you should follow the appropriate steps for distressing, the most notable being application of stain or paint and subsequent sanding. 

Latest Ideas on Styling Distressed Cabinets

  1. Accessorized Distressed Cabinets

Generic distressed cabinet designs have gone out of fashion. Unlike the old designs, new varieties feature luxurious fixtures and accessories. From metals like stainless steel, copper, and gold, to artificial materials, including the likes of laminate materials, these cabinet designs are popular for the varying accessorized components they come with. 

Whether you are focused on structures like cabinet doors and countertops or styling options like coloring and decorations, these drawers will stand out to be attractive to you in terms of accessories. 

  1. Distressed Cabinets Paired with Colors 

Weathered cabinets paired with bright colors like blue and white are becoming a feature of many homes. Because of the cheery visual aesthetics that comes from the blend of wood and various colors, distressed cabinets installed in colored kitchens are trending in modern interior designs. 

Therefore, if you want to make your distressed kitchen cabinets look more modern, there’s no better way you can leverage to achieve that than by pairing the cabinetry with vibrant colors. Fortunately, you will have a lot of options to pick from if you must choose a vibrant color to pair with distressed cupboards. 

  1. Distressed Cabinets in Open Layout Interiors 

In efforts to make their homes more functional, a lot of homeowners are turning to kitchens with open-layout designs. If you want to make your worn-out cabinets look stylish and at the same time make your kitchen seem large and easier to use, then why not try this idea?

In case your kitchen is small-spaced, then an open-layout kitchen design is the best for you. With its lack of barriers and open-shelved distressed kitchen cabinets installed in it, your small kitchen can seem larger than it is. Moreover, a kitchen with an open-layout design has impressive traffic and is lighter in terms of visual appearance. 

Final Thoughts

In trawling the internet, we found out that there are many admirable things about distressed kitchen cabinets. Whereas these drawers are globally admired for their natural wood appearance, their durability, versatility, and ease of styling, are the notable features that mark their place in modern interior design. There are probably many more things you will found about them if you choose them today.