What is a Monogram Shower Curtain?

Have you ever heard of a monogram shower curtain? This shower curtain is a special bathroom idea simply because it bears your initials or your family’s initials. Monogramed items that you use on your home is one of the many ways to create a seamless interior design and aside from shower curtains, there are many more items in your bathroom that could bear your monogram design.

Aside from a monogram shower curtain, a monogramed rug or rugs in your bathroom could tie up your bathroom interiors. Of course these rugs are made of materials that have the same color as your monogramed curtains. Rugs are not just found along the doorway of your bathroom but it may also be along the area where the tub is and where the toilet is. Rugs may also be along the shower stall door and over the vanity area.

Your bathroom towels, face towels and robes may also bear your monogram and just like your rugs, these has to be the same color as your shower curtain. A good color choice is white although you could mix black or brown with white. Fold your towels and hang your robes while showing your monogram. Definitely this is a good design idea that will help unify your bathroom theme.Image result for What is a Monogram Shower Curtain?

Other than fabrics and linens with your monogram, you may custom-print your shampoo and lotion dispensers with your initials too. Other items in your bathroom that would look great with a monogram are tissue holders, tissue boxes, toothbrush holders, placemats, seat covers (for toilets and vanity stools) as well as combs and brushes.

Why not go all the way and have your own customized bathroom tile printed with your monogram? 4×4 tiles in monochromatic colors could be great with your initials and these could be scattered randomly (or in a particular pattern) all over your bathroom wall. Other great ideas are monogramed cabinet knobs or handles and faucet handles.

Possibly a question that you may have is how do you exactly have your initials printed to create your personalized items? Linens, towels, robes and monogram shower curtains are embroidered with your own monogram design. You may ask a designer to create one for you or you may use an online monogram creator such as online tools found in chicfetti.com or markandgraham.com. objects such as bottles and canisters get laser printed stickers bearing your monogram while rugs and carpets also get woven monogram designs.