How to Rent a Skip Bin

A skip bin is a conventional type of bin that’s primarily used for recycling or for the disposal of waste. These bins are mainly used by companies in order to get rid of large amounts of waste in a short amount of time. They are used by private businesses, government authorities, and industrial organisations to ensure the safe and effective disposal of waste. Skip bins do not look like ordinary bins. They are mainly designed for mounting on specific types of lorries and, as a result, have a longitudinal shape with raised walls. They are available in several different sizes, starting from the conventional 2m^3 and going as big as 10m^3.

However, apart from transportation of waste, these bins are also used for a variety of other purposes. You can also rent a skip bin if you want to transport a large amount of goods without making a lot of effort. Rather than renting a whole truck, you can just rent a skip bin for moving or transportation purposes. Renting a skip bin isn’t very difficult. Here’s a brief guide to help you out.

Choose a Local Company

There are many local companies throughout Australia that currently offer skip bins for rent. Local companies such as LockyerBins have a solid reputation for supplying a wide range of different types of skip bins. You should know that these bins are excellent for garbage and home cleanups. However, before placing an order, you should check the different sizes available at the company and then determine the one that best suits your requirements.

These bins are also used for building renovation purposes and can be used for carrying building materials from one place to another. Obviously, you can’t throw food scraps, dangerous poisons, chemicals, syringes or needles, or useless bottles in the bin. You can check out the services section on the company’s page in order to find out more about the different kinds of bins available as well as read about their privacy policy.

Compare Rates

If you live in a big city such as Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney, there are likely to be a number of different companies that supply skip bins. Before you make a rental, it might be a wise move to check and compare the rates offered by different companies. If you will need the skip bin for an extended period of time, the rental rates may increase slightly. Comparing the rates offered by different companies will help you choose the most affordable option.

Other Things That You Should Know

It’s important to follow some specific rules when you start filling up the bin. First of all, take a look inside to check out the labels about how high you can fill up the bin itself. There are clear labels that depict the maximum level that you can fill the bin up to. The company will send over their own lorry for loading and unloading the skip, so you don’t have to worry about transportation at all.