Valuable Tips to Help You Select the Right Kind of Window Treatment

Updating curtains helps to dramatically change the overall look of any room. Buying the right window treatment at a Window Treatment Company houston tx needs you to consider –

  • Fabric & colour
  • Length & lining
  • Readymade or custom-made
  • Washing machine friendly or dry cleaning only

In theory, it looks simple but practically these considerations can make everyone feel overwhelmed. Below are some tips to help you choose an ideal curtain/s.Image result for Valuable Tips to Help You Select the Right Kind of Window Treatment

Fabric & colour

  • Fabric selection is crucial because the functions and performance will be based on the material.
  • Too heavy curtains may not crease crisply when drawn, while too light may not fall properly.
  • If the room gets lots of sunlight then the fabric can fade overtime, so avoid bright colours because they fade fast.
  • However, if you fall in the group of changing curtains often then choose neutral colours, as they will not fade faster but blend well in the room décor.
  • Silk, Faux silk, velvet and linen are best material choices for window treatment because they hand best.
  • Faux silk is more durable and does not deteriorate as fast as silk in sunny rooms.
  • Hotels make use of velvet, tweed, tapestry, and suede because their weight keeps heat inside and blocks light.

Length & lining

You can interline any fabric with a thick insulating material. Interlining slipped between the face fabric and lining helps to make the Kardinad (curtains) durable. In case, you use silk material unlined then it will rot. It is the lining and interlining, which gives curtains their shape and fullness.

  • Length – Designers generally hang curtains 6” above window frame, so measure from these hanging panels to the floor. You can even add a little length (2” to 3”) to provide curtain slightly puddled traditional look. The curtain length from hanging panel to the floor will provide modern and crisp look.
  • Width – Add 4” to 8” on both sides and double the width, to ensure fullness of the curtain. If your purpose of the curtain is to shut sun light then those extra inches added around window frame’s perimeter helps to block any creeping light.

Readymade or custom-made

Custom-made curtains provide many benefits. You get to create a well-tailored look. Custom panels are available in endless of design alternatives ranging from materials to header-styles. However, all these options accompany significant price difference in comparison to readymade curtain panels.

On the other hand, readymade curtains save not just money but time. There is no waiting time, just pick from a collection and pay for it. Walk home with them and have them hanging the same day. If you buy them online then you can get them home delivered in a couple of days. Readymade curtains are available in standard sizes. There is no issue of selecting lining, header style or other elements but ordering the correct size is a must.

Both options have their specific set of pros and cons. In the end, it is all about individual preference and taste.

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