What’s New in Renovation?

For those refurbishing large portions of their homes, staying aware of coming trends can give your revamps added value and priceless character. The luxury home market has been busy creating new ideas for your next renovation.

Here are several trends to keep an eye on:

Kitchens are becoming more opulent

The once humble kitchen now competes on an equal footing with other parts of the home as its most lavish and opulent feature. There’s simply no where better to show off.  

Food storage is becoming smarter and more important. Just as walk-in closets provided new dimensions to bedrooms, the pantry is more and more key to kitchens that impress. Here food is neatly stored in eye-catching displays before being cooked efficiently on industrial appliances.

For those with the space and the means, wine cellars large and small are now also favored offshoots of the kitchen proper.

Kitchens provide great space for contrasts. Wood cabinets, exposed or varnished, remain very popular while the background for kitchen work is trending towards new tile designs, giving a more refined, textured appearance to the space. Others are going for rougher textures with exposed brick providing a backdrop for industrial appliances and high tech culinary gadgets.

New Historic Character

For those with Mid-Century homes, their features are being heavily absorbed into stylistic revivals of the 60’s and 70’s. Brick and concrete screens are perfect backdrops to the latest trends in furniture echoing back to the playful minimalism of mid-century modern greats like Eames and Saarinen.

For homes older still, calling out or reproducing classic features such as paneling and built in shelving fit well into the crafted character of your home. Floors in these homes can hide hardwoods or antique tiles that only require a bit of sanding to shine like new again. If they don’t, fitting substitutions can still highlighting original charm of the space.

Material Sense

The surfaces used in homes provide much of their aesthetic and functional appeal. A shift back to more solid materials is occurring in many luxury homes. Hardwood floors are among those making a come back, softened in living rooms and bedrooms perhaps by designer rugs.

Elsewhere in the home floors are providing a stronger foundation with materials like functional slate in many kitchens and bathrooms. And bathrooms are taking greater advantage of the ever increasing options for designer tiles while trending toward more space, larger sinks, and innovative solutions like truly walk-in showers that are without thresholds.

Smarter Homes

Technology continues to play a major role in home updates. From unseen and unsung friends to the environment like commercial foam insulation columbus oh, to digital devices monitoring and controlling utilities via smartphone, homes are experimenting with digital optimization.

Creative lighting fixtures are easy and stylish opportunities to modernize a space. The revolution in LED technology is bringing more nuance to the home experience with the ability to control hue and brightness to optimum degrees. The shapes and effects of this technology seem almost limitless.

Tech doesn’t end with digital devices, radiant flooring provides a more comfortable and cost-effective control of heating. This invisible and silent technology provides efficient use of heat by letting it rise naturally and comes with the added benefit of eliminating health threats from forced air through dusty conduits.

Interesting Additions

One of the greatest resources for any high-end remodel remains space. The ever rising list of functions for homes to fulfil has left many of them unequipped to shelter ever changing lifestyles, so many are creating entirely new additions to accommodate more individualized needs.

These frequently combine functions to fit individual needs and can range from purpose built library-offices and media rooms to personalized workshops and studio spaces. These virgin spaces are among the best for design experimentation and frequently feature large amounts of glazing for natural light, rustic flooring, and comfortable working space.

Stay Tuned

As designers and home builders continue to incorporate new living requirements, new technologies, and new levels of comfort, these renovation trends are sure to spawn ever more interesting ideas and possibilities.