Which pipes are better for plumbing

The owner of an apartment or private home often chooses which pipes are better for the water supply. Listening to the opinion of an expert is a must. Water is not only the source of life, but also the main destructive factor.

According to what parameters to choose water pipes

The device of the plumbing system in an apartment or private house affects whether the owners wash with pleasure in the morning, wash clothes and wash dishes. It’s not just moods that depend on the water supply. Improper installation of the water supply can lead to a serious accident.

When providing your home or apartment with water, you need to be guided by safety, personal interests and cleanliness predilections, the possibility of pumping equipment.

From the quality of water will also depend on the choice of material for the installation of the plumbing. What kind of pipe is better to use for plumbing, if the water has a lot of unnecessary substances. If the liquid has a lot of iron salts, mineral sludge, then the pipes should be selected of appropriate quality. Otherwise, the constant struggle with mineral deposits and corrosion is ensured.

These factors should be considered when choosing the material of products. Stop at the universal version or choose two types: separately for hot and cold water.

Stainless steel pipes

The material looks great, decent operation. It has high strength, withstands temperature and pressure fluctuations. Steel is alloyed with chrome to create an anti-corrosive effect. The disadvantage is the high cost and complexity of installation.

Steel pipes are available with an inner layer of plastic. This way the problem of corrosion is solved. Disadvantage: the allowable pressure in the plumbing system is 16 atm and the temperature is maximum 75ºC.

Copper pipes

Differ by the unique appearance. Become a decoration of the interior. Suitable for rooms finished in a retro style and loft.

Plastic water piping.

Plastic materials include: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride. Each has its own characteristics, unique properties. Which plastic pipe is better for plumbing, it is up to the owner of the apartment or house to choose. Pipes are suitable for outdoor water supply. Can supply water from a well to a private home. Water leak detection in such pipes is not required because of the good characteristics. The pipes are not afraid of low temperatures. Pipes do not burst when freezing. Suitable for cold water supply. No need to use gaskets. Resistant to corrosion

Polypropylene pipes

Available reinforced and unreinforced. Which pipes are successfully suitable for the organization of the water supply? If you choose which are the best polypropylene pipes suitable for the water supply, the experts recommend reinforced. They will be a successful solution for water supply in a private house underground, for apartments.

Plumbing from polyvinyl chloride

Which PVC pipes are used only for cold water supply. Withstands temperature jumps of 65ºC, pressure up to 16 atm. Durability up to 50 years. Lightweight, resistant to aggressive environments. Fireproof, not prone to corrosion and clogging. Difficult to dispose of. Can be damaged by sharp objects. Not resistant to high temperatures.

Home plumbing made of metal plastic

The material has a multi-layered construction, bonded with a strong adhesive. Plastic gives lightness, resists clogging and corrosion. Metal provides durability. Durability up to 35 years. Resistant to corrosion. Light: a pipe 10 m long, 3 cm in diameter weighs 1-2 kg. Flexible, retain the shape, not deformed. Cost inexpensive, available to the buyer. Deposits do not accumulate inside. Installation is simple. The shell is dielectric. Low durability of pipes and connections. Expensive connecting elements. Periodically have to tighten the threads. When buying for cold water pipes are purchased in blue or blue. They are adapted for service with warm water not higher than 35ºC. They cost less than the white ones.

How to determine the size

When choosing a polypropylene water pipe, it is important to pay attention to the inner diameter of the products. Pipe sizes are typical, measured in millimeters.

Factors that affect the size of the pipes:

– Water temperature.

– The pressure of the fluid. The lower the head, the wider the supply structure should be. Because with a weak supply, a thin pipe will produce a thin stream.

– Length of water pipe. The longer the length, the lower the head.

– Pipe turns and connections. The more elements, the lower the pressure.

If you choose a product with a larger diameter, this will increase the volume of incoming liquid.

If the owner of a private home is going to live in it for 50 years and still bequeath to grandchildren, do not choose a material with a lifetime of 35 years. Although with modern technology plumbing system will not be difficult to replace.

When choosing a pipe for the water supply system, you should not save money. It is necessary to choose a suitable diameter so that the water is supplied at full capacity. It is important to consider the temperature of the water, the parameter of the pump. These factors will influence the choice of material.