Three Reasons to Stay in Serviced Apartments Instead of Hotels

If you’re considering an extended holiday or are going to be in a city on business for an extended time, you have the choice of staying in a hotel or a serviced apartment. While they both have their advantages, the cost difference can be substantial. Here are three reasons why you should stay in a serviced apartment.

There Is More Space

Unless you book a suite, most hotel rooms consist of the bedroom with a small desk and the bathroom. If you’re sightseeing or just using the room to sleep in while completing a work project, then this may be enough space for your needs. However, during downtime, it can be confining, which is a problem that you won’t have with a serviced apartment.

A serviced apartment is similar to living in a home away from home. A one-bedroom apartment will have a living area, kitchen, and dining area as well as the bedroom and bathroom. It provides the space that you’ll want for relaxing when you’re not touring the city and you can designate areas of the apartment for working, sleeping, and relaxing.

Saves Money

A serviced apartment can save travellers and business people money in many ways. Since it will have a kitchen and dining space, you can prepare your own meals instead of going out to eat when you’re hungry. Most serviced apartments provide cable television, Wi-Fi, and a music service so you don’t need to go out for entertainment if all you want to do is watch a movie.

Most companies offering serviced apartments have a variety from which to choose so you can find one within your budget. A nice hotel in London will usually cost £72 to £232 per night, depending on the star rating. However, you may be able to find a serviced apartment in a nice area of London for under £72, depending on its size. Go to to learn more.

More Privacy

When you stay in a hotel, there may be hundreds of other guests staying there as well. Thieves often stake out hotels looking for people who they can take advantage of while they are out of their rooms. In addition, the cleaning service will pay a visit every day unless you request otherwise.

When you choose a serviced apartment, you will have much more privacy as there are not strangers walking past your room at all hours of the day and night. The cleaning service usually stops by once a week instead of every day, unless you request otherwise, so you don’t need to worry about being interrupted when you’re trying to work or relax. Also, you don’t have to worry about someone hanging out in the lobby waiting for you to leave so he or she can go into your room and steal your valuables.

Most serviced apartments are located in areas with many surrounding attractions. In London, you’ll find apartments near Hyde Park, the docks, or the centre of the city if you’re there on business. You can also choose your price range for serviced apartments throughout the UK.