Prices, Map, Covered area, Carpet area and Amenities : All you need to know about Lodha’s Palava City

The Map and the Carpet area of the Palava city:

Palava city is a project developed by the Lodha group and there are a number of bus stops near the Palava city and these bus stops include the Lodha Heven Bus stop, the Katai Gaon, Khidkali etc. So, if you invest in the Palava city, then you will have no problems commuting in buses as there are plenty of bus services available near the Palava city. The Palava city is located in Thane, Dombivli and is very close to the major business hubs. It is 10 minutes away from the Dombivli, and 20 minutes from Mumbai and Thane. If you come from the Dombivli station, then it will take you around 25 minutes to reach this place.

This city is spread across a total area of 4500 acres and is expected to accommodate around 100,000 families. The first phase is almost completed and there are a number of residences which have already been occupied by families.

Image result for Thane Property: These images will help you decide if you should invest in Lodha Group's Palava City

Amenities of the Palava Group:

The Palava group is one of the most popular projects developed by the Lodha group of builders. The residences of the Palava city have a lot of facilities and amenities available which make it one of the best investment options. Given below is a list of the various amenities of the Lodha group:

  • The floors of the living room, the dining room and the passage are made of imported marbles.
  • The bedrooms have stylish flooring which are made of imported wood and there are also separate wardrobe areas.
  • The French windows of these properties have sundecks to prevent excessive sunlight from coming inside the room
  • The rooms are fully air-conditioned with very high quality split air-conditioners.
  • There are beautiful gardens, lake views and drive ways present near the Palava city
  • The kitchens of the residences have high quality platform made of granite, proper gas connection and stainless steel sinks. The tiles used in these kitchens are of premium quality.  
  • The bathrooms of these residences have sanitary ware of the most reputed companies and also have designer tiles.
  • These residencies have good internet connection, opportunities for digital gaming, and provisions for telephones.
  • Some of these residences have special puja areas, special storage areas and utility  areas
  • There are select residences  which have a foyer  at the entrance
  • There are residences which have double height spacious terraces
  • There  are also many petrol pumps, ATMs , salon and spas and convenient stores present near the Palava city

If you are interested to know the map of the Palava city then you can refer to the Palava City Dombivali Map. This will help you in getting a very good idea regarding the Palava city. The best part about investing in this project is that you have properties here ranging from Rs.34.80 lacs to Rs.55.95 crores. So, you always have the option of choosing a property that suits your budget.

Reasons to invest in a residential apartment in the Palava city: If you are working in Mumbai and still staying in a rented apartment here, then investing in the Palava city will be the best option for you. This will not only help you in owning an apartment, but it will be a very good return on your investment in case you plan to sell the Palava city apartment at a later stage. The Lodha group is considered to be one of the most reputed builders in Mumbai and making an investment in the Lodha group project, is quite a wise decision.