The Proper Home Cleaning Options for You Now

If wringing a mop takes you a lot of effort due to little force in your hands, because you can only use one hand or if stooping takes effort, a wringing mechanism offers a solution. With the O-Cedar reviews you may find the best solutions.

What is it for?

A wringing mechanism squeezes the water from a mop, mop or mop without wringing your hands.

How does it work?

A wringing mechanism consists of rollers, a funnel-shaped screen or an extrusion press. You wring out the mop or mop with a lever or turning and pushing movements.

Important to know

  • The buckets with wring mechanism are also available with wheels. You can also use a separate trolley for this.
  • There is also room for cleaning articles in a cleaning trolley.
  • There are also disposable floor cloths.
  • Some mop materials can be washed in the washing machine.


  • Two rotating rollers with a rotary handle. You wring the loose mop out over a bucket.
  • Funnel-shaped strainer on a bucket to squeeze out a mop on a handle. Suitable for single use.
  • Flat mops in the shape of a cover. You can loosen one side to wring the mop through the mechanism.
  • Mop with a wring mechanism built into the handle.
  • A wringing mechanism that can be operated with the foot.
  • Microfibre mops, mops or mops.

Is it reimbursed?

You will not be reimbursed for the medical aid. Many people prefer eco-friendly cleaning products instead of polishes with a very strong odor and lots of chemicals. Natural resources are often safer, especially for families with children and pets. Many people don’t know that you can easily make your own natural cleaning products with stuff you already have at home. With the recipes below you can get started right away.

All-purpose cleaner

Our first natural cleaning product is perhaps the easiest to make and you can use it anywhere in the house. Mix the same amounts of vinegar and water, and you have a universal all-purpose cleaner. Not so fond of the smell of vinegar? Add a few drops of lemon to remove the odor. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it for almost every surface in the house.

Cleaning the bathroom

Bathrooms are never really the nicest part of cleaning, but we can make it easier. A cup of baking powder mixed with vinegar and a few drops of lemon is a fantastic natural detergent for the toilet bowl. Pour the mixture into the pot and let it withdraw for a few minutes. Scrub well with a scouring pad, then you flush the toilet and you have a shiny squash pot again.