While making a decision about which type of ceiling to install, the suspended ceiling seems like the best and an inexpensive option. In the suspended ceiling, the aluminum rails are suspended from the permanent ceiling. Then the ceiling panels are placed on the rails. Basement Ceilings by Snap Clip will help you make the right choice. The downside of having a suspended ceiling is that you can’t have a fixture without any modifications. So If you want to hang fixtures, here is a step by step guide on how to do so.


The first step to hanging any fixture is to determine its position. If you are decorating the room with balloons or piñata for a party, then you can do so by tying a string around the metal frame. In case of heavier fixtures, you would have to remove all the panels. After that make use of a stud finder to find the studs in the ceiling. Mark these spots with masking tape.


In the case of the suspended ceiling, it is not possible to install a fixture flush. As the fixture is too heavy to be supported by the ceiling. Hence, you can opt for either a chain connected to the fixture or a metal wire. Install the screws into the ceiling studs with the help of a screwdriver, if you are using a metal wire or screwing a hook into the stud for a chain. The tape measure which you marked in the first step is to be used to determine the distance from the permanent ceiling to the suspended ceiling. Now cut the wire and the chain to this length plus a few extra inches.


If you want the fixture is directly connected to the suspended ceiling, then you will have to cut the tiles of the ceiling. You may cut the tile depending on the style of the fixture so that it allows the insertions of the entire fixture. Place the fixture on top of the panel where you would like to install it. If the fixture is to rest on top of the panel, then you will have to cut a small hole through the centre of the ceiling tile. A utility knife is a good choice for cutting the tile.

You can move all the tiles of the ceiling except the one which is to next to the fixture as it would give you the much-needed access. Gently lift the fixture while passing the wire or the chain through the trimmed hole. The last step is to hang the chain from the hook or wrap a wire around the screws and tighten it. For the fixture to work, you will have to wire it properly.