The Plumbing Services Every New Homeowner in Garland, TX Needs

Becoming a homeowner is among life’s most memorable. Fixing plumbing issues, however, may rapidly put a damper on a homeowner’s happiness. Get familiar with common household plumbing services in Garland, TX, so you’ll be prepared for any eventualities that may necessitate the help of Binley Plumbing’s licensed plumbers.

Unclogging a Drain

Over time, the drains in every house will inevitably become clogged. Slow-draining sinks and tubs, or gurgling sounds, are both signs that it’s time to call a plumber. Years of dirt and grime can be removed with the use of professional snakes, jetting, and hydro-jetting equipment. A well-maintained drain will not back up and cause a mess.

Water heaters usually last between eight and 12 years. To extend the life of your water heater, perform routine maintenance once a year. Problematic valves, elements, thermostats, anodes, and other components can all be repaired or replaced by licensed plumbers. If the problem is severe, they will sit down with you to go over your home’s budget and replacement possibilities.

Detecting Pipe Leaks

Pinhole leaks in pipes, no matter how minor, can cause significant structural damage over time if not repaired. Infrared cameras and other high-tech plumbing instruments allow plumbers to quickly and accurately find water leaks in walls and ceilings. Finding leaks before they cause major damage is essential.

Repairing a Frozen Pipe

Pipes that aren’t protected from the cold can freeze and explode during the winter months. To safely defrost and repair frozen pipes, plumbers utilize blowtorches, heat tape, and insulation. They can also repair or replace damaged parts of piping before leaks cause extensive flooding.

Examining the Primary Drain Line

Older sewer lines can develop leaks, become clogged by tree roots, and experience a host of other problems as they age. A plumber can use a sewer camera to inspect your main drain line and identify problem areas that need fixing before they cause a catastrophic failure.

Setting Up Home Appliances

Plumbers handle connecting new equipment like dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, and more to your home’s water and drainage systems. A well-installed appliance will not leak and will perform flawlessly. Take comfort in the fact that your home appliances are properly installed.

Faucet Restoration

Is your hose bib cracked from the cold or worn out from constant use? If your outdoor sink or tap is leaking, damaged, or otherwise not useable, call a plumber to have it replaced. Fixing leaking outside faucets can conserve water for the duration of the dry season.

Reglazing a Bathtub

Bathtubs and sinks have been used for decades, so their surfaces are scratched, stained, and otherwise deteriorated. For a fraction of the expense of a complete repair, plumbers may reglaze porcelain or fiberglass surfaces to make them look new again. Re-glazing using modernized glass.

Electronic Water Leak Detection Systems

With today’s leak detection technology, you can set up sensors all throughout your plumbing system and connect them to your smart home. In the event that water leaks are detected by the sensors, you will be notified immediately. Upgrade using leak tech.

Alterations and Extensions

Do you want to expand on to your house or perform some bathroom remodeling? Professional plumbers install all new pipes and fixtures during renovations, including rerouting water lines and installing new drains so that new construction may be completed. Be thorough the first time around.

Taking care of the plumbing is only one of the many new tasks that arise when you become a homeowner. Knowing what plumbing services are typically offered might help you spot problems early and protect the home you’ve invested so much in.

Your plumbing system will last longer if it is cared for regularly and any problems are addressed quickly. Get in touch with Binley Plumbing if you require any of the aforementioned services for your home.