Know the right time to use each one – Stitch and Fabric Glue

The product fabric adhesive encompasses a variety of products to bond the clothes instead of stitching or sewing it. Every range in fabric adhesive will incorporate with the fabric into a project but its results will depend on the glue type which you prefer to use. The available types under the fabric adhesiveness are listed below.

  • Household glue
  • Spray Fabric Adhesive
  • Fusible web or Bonding fabric
  • Fabric Glue
  • Other fusible material
  • Fusible Interfacing

Being aware of the right time to use the fabric adhesive and sewing is essential to find a great alternative source to fasten two pieces of fabric. Read on to this article to find the right time to bond the fabrics in the right method.

Making the garments durable

If you need to make the everyday garment as durable for your regular use, using the way of stitching is ideal. Even though fabric glues are washable, it is best to create a bond between a few garments together all of the time.

Adding beautification on cloths

If you are planning to add ornamentation in your garment, stitching is not the right choice. Fabric glue can give you the best solution to add the ornamentation in your dress instead of wasting time in stitching it carefully. You should follow the directions mentioned in the fabric adhesive to use it in the right way instead of wasting it on the wrong directions.

Creating craft projects

When you are running the business to create craft projects, using the fabric glue is the right choice. Especially, to keep children away from making craft projects, teaching them to use the fabric adhesiveness are ideal to avoid injuries. To prevent you from cutting your fingers in the sewing needle, using fabric adhesives is a fantastic option. Be sure to keep the adhesive away from direct contact with your skin or eyes.

Creating rickrack in the garment

When you need to create a rickrack in your garment, using the spray fabric adhesive is ideal. Avoid using the sewing machine for this project is ideal to save a lot of time and mismatch stitches in embellishment.

Permanent and temporary solution during emergency situations

An emergency situation is an unpredicted one. If you notice the tear or rips in your dress, you can use the non-permanent fabric adhesive to bond the garments together. Using the adhesive depending on the fabric material and purpose is essential to get a permanent or temporary solution for the problem.

Designing the garment by holding embellishments

When you are looking to create the design in your garment with the appliqués, why don’t you consider using fabric glue? Using the fabric adhesive which doesn’t create any marks on the garment is better to move around with appliqués several times. You can finalize your design with sewing when it becomes necessary. Even you can stick the unusual materials which are not suitable to stitch on garments using fabric adhesive.

The Final Takeaway

Repair the number of holes or tears in your garment by using the fabric glue or stitching. Mind the aforementioned information to get ready for your vacations using fabric glue instead of harming the fabric.