The Future Of CCTV In Singapore: 4 Crucial Uses Of CCTV In Today’s World

Crimes and disasters are two of the many inevitable things that can happen in everyone’s lives. If your property and family are your two utmost priorities, getting a CCTV camera system in Singapore can benefit you the most. Also called surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras can help you keep track of the interior and exterior of your property and inform you of any potential crimes around your vicinity. This technological advancement also delivers real-time 24/7 viewing access from the transmission of a signal to a set of monitors.

No matter how safe and secure the country you’re currently residing in, having a security camera is becoming more of a necessity and a must in society, especially if there is a rapid spike in the crime rate. Although the country has fewer crimes, almost close to zero, it is still best to have a CCTV surveillance camera in Singapore. This one device can do so many uses, wonders, and benefits aside from detecting and deterring criminal activities and recording traffic infractions.

Read on to discover the most common applications to get a CCTV installation in Singapore.


Did you know that almost a hundred thousand CCTV units are in Singapore? Singapore Police Force uses CCTV surveillance to detect and deter potential criminals. That is also the reason for their low crime rates. When a crime is bound to occur, the authorities and law enforcers can use the video footage to investigate and lay down pieces of evidence for the prosecution in the High Court.


CCTV surveillance in Singapore also serves practical purposes for assessing disasters, monitoring accidents, and disaster management. Through security or CCTV cameras, rescue workers and emergency services can immediately respond to the situation relayed by the CCTV surveyor. Some common instances CCTV cameras watch over are fire breakouts or burning properties, or vehicle collisions.


The city is also another common target of CCTV surveillance in Singapore. This security device collects real-time data about the city, including evidentiary footage for lawbreakers, traffic statistics, weather reports, and the environment. The most advanced systems these days are usually installed in traffic lights, which means people, especially drivers, wouldn’t know there are units around.


The global pandemic caused a massive toll on everyone’s health, but did you know that a CCTV in Singapore can also work for medical monitoring? SMART camera systems can now identify your body temperature, expressions, feelings, symptoms, and potential medical crises, such as stroke, asthma attack, or epileptic.

CCTV surveillance in Singapore is one of the best technological discoveries for many people. Mad thanks to mastermind Walter Bruch for developing a CCTV back in 1942. The future and presence of CCTV are becoming more needed and convenient. These camera systems can increase passive surveillance in the near future.

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