How 3-Layer Engineered Wood Flooring Can Add Value To a Property

Flooring can be of different types based on the property and the requirements of the owners. These days, three layered engineered wood flooring is quite in demand. This type of flooring isn’t made from plywood, which tends to have hidden moisture content, which reduces the durability of the floor. The three layers are usually made from blocks of wood that give them stability and support.

This kind of construction is known as “cross-lamination.” Cross lamination is a method of construction where a hot press machine is used to press the layers of wood. The method of construction ensures that the right amount of moisture is present so that the floors can be installed in all climates when the proper installation instructions are followed.

The Three Layers of Wood Flooring:

The three layered wood flooring may have one layer that is made from genuine, high-quality oak, which assures complete durability. There are delicate layers of grain that contribute to its fine finish, the perfect thickness, and the flexibility to match the interiors of any property.

There are several benefits of using three layer engineered wood flooring.

Authentic Look:

Engineered wood flooring is popular because it looks quite similar to real wood. This is made from veneer and real wood fibreboard, which gives it an authentic look that is tough to distinguish from solid hardwood. In texture and appearance, it looks like solid hardwood. Customers looking for the visual appeal of natural wood and its warmth can try out this kind of wood flooring.

Offers Great Stability:

This type of flooring is all about layered construction which gives it strength and stability. Unlike hardwood, this is not sensitive to moisture or heat. Thus, it is quite stable, and there are no problems with warping or cupping which can be a major challenge after a few years of installation. It has a sophisticated composition, which provides it with great stability.

Colour Options Available:

Just like solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring is available in various grades, stains, colours, and species. No matter what the designer’s preference is, there will be a finish that matches the blend and style of the décor. The budget of the customer determines the wood grade used; for example, the oiled look comes from high-quality, expensive wood, while the lacquered look is a bit more affordable.


The process by which engineered wood planks are manufactured is sustainable when compared to solid hardwood. Veneers that are used for the construction of planks are sliced, not cut with a saw. Also, in this process, no sawdust is produced, and all the wood of the tree is usable. 

Three-layered wood flooring is the perfect choice and a worthwhile investment, as this type of flooring is sustainable and durable, offering complete value for money.