Keys To Strengthening The Security Of Your Home Against Burglaries

The security of a house is at the heart of the concerns of the French. Nothing could be more normal when you know that a burglary occurs in France every 90 seconds. Yes, but are there effective solutions to fight against break-ins and home intrusions? If you think a burglar will come in if he wants to, that’s no reason to make his job easier!

Thanks to certain equipment, you can block break-in attempts as much as possible: alarm system, more robust windows, A2P locks, garage doors, and entrance doors. We give you 5 tips to protect your house/apartment and you can visit website to learn more.

1 – Secure The Entrances To The House

This is the first reflex and certainly the most logical when you know that burglars mainly go through the main entrances of the targeted homes: protect the entrances. It starts with the front door. Doors that are too old or fragile are very weak obstacles to burglars. Conversely, an armored door with 2N Intercom System Installer is reinforced to ensure maximum security for the equipped home. There are two solutions: reinforce the existing door with effective door shielding or replace the old door with a new armored door, which is called complete shielding.

Other home entrances to consider garage doors. In houses and villas, the garage is a room in its own right that provides easy access to housing and sometimes even contains valuable personal effects. For this, a garage door of a robust quality and adapted to your use is recommended. Sectional, up-and-over and roll-up solutions are varied to allow you to choose a solid and practical garage door.

2 – Check The Reliability And Solidity Of The Locks

Put to the test during burglary attempts; the locks too often yield easily to criminals. Today it is important to opt for a security lock recognized and labeled A2P. The CNPP awards the A2P label to a lock once it has undergone a series of intrusion resistance tests. Thanks to a 3-star A2P lock, the burglar will take about 15 minutes to overcome the lock and be able to enter your home.

As we know, the time of thieves is precious: they do not want to be caught in the act. Security locks are, therefore, essential to ensure maximum protection of your home. Call on a qualified installer of locks and armored doors in Marseille

3 – Control And Secure All Accesses To The Home

You will agree: there is no need to install an armored door if there is an unsecured window next to it! Too often, negligence takes place on secondary accesses to the house. To leave nothing to chance, remember to equip all your accesses properly. Starting with the windows. In addition to the simple thermal, economic, and ecological gain of current new joinery, PVC, aluminum, or wood windows are today real security assets. The robustness of the window frames makes it possible to offer real resistance to intrusion attempts.

Consider equipping your windows with roller shutters, swing shutters, or shutters to enhance security and bring more comfort to your home. These will make it possible to manage the supply of light in the house and the ventilation but will also create an additional barrier against external aggressions.

Finally, you can install protective grilles as reinforcements for even more security on your bay windows.