Reasons why White Shaker Cabinets Still In Trend in 2023

Unless you live alone in your world, a cave, you’ve probably encountered a gorgeous kitchen with shaker cabinets. Drawers with the shaker design have been around for centuries and they seem to never be going out of style.

Did you know that white shaker cabinets will stay trending throughout 2023?

Read this article to find out why. Learn more about the features that define these cabinets and how you can use them to create a gorgeous kitchen interior design.

The Popularity of White Shaker Cabinets

While shaker drawers come in different designs in terms of colors, the white-painted varieties are the most prominent in both antique and modern kitchens. Here are the reasons why white shaker cabinets are so popular.

  1. Simplicity

Because the minimalistic design of shaker drawers requires simplicity, white seems to be the perfect colors for drawers with the shaker design. Whitish cupboards can fit in any kitchen design, thanks to the neutral properties of white.

  • Functionality

Modern homeowners have a high affinity with functional kitchens, where the kitchen is styled based on beauty and efficiency. For a long time, white kitchens have been considered the most functional.

White reflects light, a fact that makes it perfect for making a kitchen look lively and spacious. Whether you want a modern or antique kitchen, white will fit in exactly in the manner that you want them to, especially if you pick it for the cabinetry.

  • Beauty and Versatility

Besides being popular for their simple design features like clean lines, flat-panelled doors, and fewer decorations, shaker cabinets are loved for their beauty and versatility. Their flattened panels and plain, vertical, and horizontal edges have an aesthetic mark that stands out whether they are in a traditional or modern kitchen.

White shaker cabinets come in different shades, from milk white to cream white, off-white, and many more. You will have countless shade options to choose from if you opt for white shaker-styled cabinetry.

Will White Shaker Cabinets Ever Go out of Style?

Shaker drawers have a long history. That they have been around and prominent for centuries, implies one thing; that their design was built to stand the test of time. White shaker cabinets are considered timeless because they look beautiful and elegant in all kitchen designs.

In addition, the fact that they are very functional means that they will be homeowners’ favourites for many years to come. However, you must do the following if you want your white shaker cabinets to stay trending.

  • Mix Colors in the Kitchen

Because white is neutral, your white-painted shaker drawers can look dull if you don’t play with colors in the kitchen. You need to incorporate bold colors like black in the kitchen if you want the beauty of your shaker cabinetry to stay trending.

  • Ensure Regular Maintenance

Yourwhite shaker cabinets will lose their beauty and elegance if you don’t maintain them. To make them stay attractive, you should not only clean them regularly and replace worn-out fixtures like hinges now and then.