How to Design Your Pollen Collection Landed Property

We are aware that homes usually come with their unique design challenges regarding the interiors. A home provides the significant rest we require to live life productively – adding comfort, warmth, and joy to our lives. 

So, it’s safe to say that shaping your Pollen Collection landed property to match your daily lifestyle could sometimes prove to be daunting. We view design as a chance to be creative and believe the results far outweigh the difficulties. While every house is unique, we have rounded up some advice to guide people who are considering designing their Pollen Collection landed property.

Let the Light In

Lighting creates the space’s visual foundation. It usually determines what spots are emphasized in the room and how the room’s viewed as well. Try to allow as much natural lighting inside as possible to make the room feel open and spacious. If using curtains, work with blinds and fabrics that are semi-sheer or light. Even if you are not gifted with huge windows, you could make a space feel bright and cozy by making up for the insufficient sunlight through interior lighting. Wall sconces and pendants could be used to fill rooms with limited space or dark corners with light.

Think Vertically

If you do not have much floor space or want to maintain clearness, the area is clear; it’s ideal for maximizing the wall space. Choose vertical storage or employ wall hooks rather than a free-standing coat rack. If you got a little room to work with, wall sconces that are small profile are an excellent option since they give extra lighting and only occupy a minimal area.

Edit to Amplify

Keep in mind to leave room in the area for resting. Filling a room from ceiling to floor would make it seem distracting and cluttered. Give your furniture room to breathe and be considerate of the stuff you put. Evaluate the area as to how an editor works by ensuring not every space is filled in and the color is limited. With that, you could ensure that all the elements in the room complement each other and will not look chaotic.

Scale Strategically

When you want to make a room feel inviting and cozy, size and proportion come into play. As a general principle, low furniture makes the area appear more spacious and gives the illusion of taller ceilings. If you own a small area, making a vertical gallery wall would pull the eye up and open the area. Regarding rugs, it’s crucial not to disregard sizing. A huge bold rug would expand the space borders, while numerous smaller rugs would divide the room into parts. Most importantly, trust your gut and ensure the scale feels cozy and useful for your lifestyle.

Work Smart

Ottomans could serve as additional seating or be utilized as a coffee table when you place a tray on it. You could also be creative with your existing furniture. Hang a paper towel dispenser at the side of your kitchen space, or put a few small hooks to make additional space to attach the dish towels. The objective is to make household items have many functions. Lastly, keep in mind that home designing isn’t an all-around endeavor. Take your time in considering all your priorities, so you could strategically custom your area to suit your aesthetic and needs.