Property Sale: How You Can Make Sure of the Best House Sale?

Selling your property quickly is the wish of any seller. To accelerate the sale of your house, certain steps are essential, starting with the real estate estimate. Enhance your property and find a buyer at first sight.

Properly Estimate Your Property

The real estate valuation is the first step to selling your house quickly. An overvalued property will slow down its sale. And if it is underestimated, it will inspire mistrust in the tax administration. You must therefore estimate your property at the right price, that of the market. To Sell House Fast San Diego you need to have the right option.

The criteria to take into account for a good estimate are:

Geographical location: the starting point is the price per square meter in your city but also in your neighborhood, or even in your street. Taking into account the immediate environment can indeed bring added value or a discount: the proximity of services, schools, shops, transport is an important parameter.

The accommodation itself: its living space, its condition, its view, its exteriors, the presence of a garage, a parking lot or a cellar adds value to a property. Its location will also influence the price, depending on whether it is, for example, an apartment on the ground floor or on an upper floor.

The comparison with a similar property recently sold in the same street or the same district.

Valuing Your Property

A home most often sells on impulse. The first look is therefore essential. To enhance your home, you can call on a home staging professional. Make sure that his fees do not exceed 1 to 2% of the final sale price.  The objective is to make your interior as neutral as possible so that the buyer can project himself into his home. You will therefore have to depersonalize your decoration, not too many family photos, no trinkets that are too personal, no religious signs that could get in the way, etc.

Tips to follow:

  • Remove large pieces of furniture to purify the spaces,
  • Store your personal belongings (no hanging clothes in the entrance hall for example). In the master bedroom, remove all traces of your privacy. In the kitchen, do not leave anything on the worktops,
  • Maintain your garden (trimmed trees, mowed lawn, collected leaves, etc.),
  • Tidy up your garage: it’s time to sort and throw away,
  • Heat your home well to give a feeling of comfort,
  • Clear the windows to give priority to the view.
  • Each room will be clearly identified: no bed in an office for example. Before each visit, clean and ventilate the house.

Fix What Needs Fixing

Buyers consider that the price of real estate is already high: they therefore do not wish to embark on work, however small. To sell your house quickly, it is desirable to make the necessary minor repairs, knowing that we are not talking about major renovations.

Rearrange the Rooms

The idea is to bring volume and light to the rooms. It may therefore be useful to knock down, for example, a partition which separates a kitchen from a living room. You will give a feeling of space to your main room. If you have the necessary funds, the development of the attic will increase the living space. You will bring real added value to your property, and above all, you will be able to sell your house more quickly.