Getting rid of bed bugs: Things to know

While not dangerous as many other pests found in homes, bed bugs are nasty insects. Unlike termites, these don’t thrive on wood. Bed bugs are parasites that suck blood from other hosts, such as humans and other animals. If you have been waking up to unexplainable bite marks, you probably have a bed bug situation at hand. In this post, we are discussing more about getting rid of bed bugs

Signs of bed bugs

If you have started spotting bed bugs in and around the bed, you probably have a serious case of infestation at hand. Signs of general infestation include bite & scratch marks on your body, tiny blood stains on sheets and clothes, and scratchy skin. 

DIY control may not work

Contrary to what many internet content creators would say, DIY pest control methods are rarely effective. You could kill a few bed bugs in plain sight, but the problem will continue to persist. DIY pest control is not effective, and you should consider calling a professional exterminator. 

Benefits of professional bed bug control

Exterminators rely on different methods and techniques to get rid of these insects. The standard means is the heating treatment, which has its pros and cons. There are also pesticides and products that can exterminate and kill bed bugs. Professional companies have a team of pest control experts, and they will do what it takes to fix the problem for good. You can also consider preventive measures and maintenance contracts to prevent further infestation. 

How to find a local pest control service?

Google is your best friend when it comes to finding professional bed bug extermination chicago il in your city. Not all pest control companies are the same, and it is best to check the basic details before hiring them.

Firstly, ensure that the company is licensed. This is often the simplest detail that clients miss. Also, check if the company has insurance. A pest control service should have both liability and workers’ compensation insurance. 

Consider reviews. When are you most likely to write a review for a pest control company? Typically, you would only do so when you are too happy or disgruntled. Reviews tell a story about a company’s performance. 

Ask for estimates. Don’t be fooled to assume that the most expensive quotes are the best. Find a company that charges you reasonably and has enough experience and expertise to tackle the problem. 

Not to forget, ensure that the company follows the standard practices to reduce the impact of pest control on the environment.