In What Ways is New Metro City Gujar Khan a Great Investment?


An innovative, well-planned gated community called New Metro City Gujar Khan would provide all the perks to the locals of Gujar Khan. Bilal Bashir Malik, Malik Riaz’s grandson, is establishing this civilization.

 Society will have its systems for delivering water, electricity, and gas. Since the city population is increasing and there is an increasing need for living, individuals have been waiting for a new housing complex to be created nearby for a very long time. After a lengthy wait, “New Metro City Gujar Khan,” the residential complex of their fantasies, is currently being constructed.

After having excellent experience with the New Metro City Kharian, BSM Developers will build this big venture, New Metro City Gujar Khan. The establishment provides all the most recent conveniences and solutions at reasonable costs. The builders have left aside substantial space to create amenities such as playgrounds. A border wall will ring society with a flawless system to offer a high level of safety.


The concerned departments will shortly recognize the NOC of this society. The officials of New Metro City Gujar khan announced that the NOC of the housing society is at the final stage of process which means that society will soon gained the legal status by the government.

We all knwo that shortly after the approval of NOC this society’s plot prices will soon goes up so investing in this society will be beneficial.


Bilal Bashir Malik, the grandson of renowned tycoon Malik Riaz, is the proprietor and CEO of this housing society. BSM Developers has overseen this development, a corporation with many years of proficiency in the real estate industry.

The developer wants to build the highest architecture and has gathered a team of qualified experts. The company is famous for developing first-rate real estate projects that offer a unique experience in various locations across Pakistan.

BSM developers always delivers more than they commit. All the investors who are investing in this project have firm believe in the success of this housing society and they know that they will get high investment returns on their investment.


The new house complex is situated in Gujar Khan on Main G.T. Road. One of the society’s primary differentiating features is its location, which makes it the most approachable residential community in Gujar Khan.

The position is one of the most significant considerations when considering a suitable residential complex. Due to its proximity to the Grand Trunk Road, which links Islamabad and Rawalpindi, this community is situated in an ideal area. The complex is also not far from the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Railway Line. Furthermore, the society’s proximity to Rawalpindi-Islamabad, just 30 minutes away, makes it convenient for travellers to the twin cities.

Master Plan 

Any society’s master plan gives a glimpse of how the soceity  will look in the future. The New Metro City Gujar Khan project has more than 16,000 Kanals of land. Moreover, the society was designed by a team of specialists comprising engineers and architects. Much attention is being paid to infrastructure investment to differentiate Gujar Khan residential areas from one another.

The price of these plots varies depending on their shapes and specifications, and society provides a variety of plot sizes. Since the development’s creators recognized the importance of a good life, a sizeable amount of the total area in New Metro City has already been reserved for flora, recreation facilities, and outdoor spaces.

It isn’t finished if development doesn’t have a business section. Thanks to it, locals can fulfil their necessities without constantly leaving the area. In addition, commercial spaces of all sizes with top-notch conveniences are offered here to support the effective execution of multiple retail local businesses.

Significant Facilities 

The primary goal of the society’s builders is to construct a new and highly sophisticated housing project in Gujar Khan, which will fulfil the community’s upcoming residential and business requirements.

With his efforts, Bilal Bashir Malik hopes to match the quality of those completed by his grandpa Malik Riaz. The magnificent housing scheme in New Metro City Gujar Khan will have unmatched luxuries and perfect foresight.

Moreover, to provide the residents of Gujar Khan with a compelling and lavish way of life, each area or sector of society has been thoughtfully planned with a distinct view and purpose in consideration.

  • Gated Society
  • 24/7 Security system
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Mall
  • Education center
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Medical Center
  • Advanced Drainage System
  •  Parking Area
  • Graveyard
  • Water Filtration Plant
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Business Center


New Metro City Gujar Khan is destined to develop into a remarkable community that stands out from the crowd. The builders intend to provide the best quality of life and economic opportunities to the people of Gujar Khan and the adjacent areas.

Society will be both an intelligent property investment and a lovely place for leading a pleasant and tranquil life. As soon as the builders finish and the plot costs will increase which will definitely benefits the people investing in it. Therefore, this society has excellent real estate venture capital and offers many financing opportunities.